How to know if the status was just for me

Anyone who uses WhatsApp, at some point in their life, will always wonder how to know if the status was just for them.

WhatsApp has a status feature where people share photos, videos, messages or even links with all WhatsApp contacts.

This feature allows the person to choose who can see their status, and can only share the status with just one person.

How to know if the status was just for me

You opened your boyfriend or husband's status and you liked it. But now there's that doubt if the status was just for you or if all his contacts saw the status.

Many people use the trick of posting a photo on their status and only tagging a single person, making them feel privileged, when no one else has seen it.

Unfortunately, there is no form of status, it was just for me, because this information is confidential and whatsapp does not allow you to see this information.

There is no way to know who the person has shared their status with. Just like no one will ever know who you shared your status with.

WhatsApp uses encryption that ensures that even if you set the status for just one person, they will never know who you set it for either.

The only way to know if the status was just for you or not is to pick up the person's cell phone and see it directly through the application.

Ask a mutual friend

The other tip that can help you find out would be to ask someone who also has the person's number, to find out if they saw the status or not.

You can ask his friend or someone who has his number recorded, and ask if the person also saw that status or not.

If the person didn't see the status you saw, there's a good chance that the person's status was just for you.


We would love to be able to give you an easier solution with just a few clicks, but unfortunately there is no way.

WhatsApp is very strict with people's security and privacy, not allowing anyone to have access to hidden information.

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