How do I know if I'm good at the time

Many women are demanding with men. in the right time, getting used to classifying them as good and bad, among other things.

But many of them tend to forget to do a self-assessment, which is trying to find out if she's good in bed or not, before judging the man.

To help you get the answer to that little question, we've separated several points that will indicate whether you're good at H-time or not, so you can improve.

How do I know if I'm good at the time

Each man has his own tastes, and he satisfies himself according to his personal tastes. There are some items that can be universal for almost every man.

To find out if you're good in bed, you have to ask yourself if you're an active woman or a rock in bed, you're a desired woman or if you generally only make love a few times.

Below we list at least 5 points that will help you get the answer to your question, once and for all. Follow the signs.

1. He always wants to repeat

When a woman is really good at the right time, men will always want more and more. We all like to repeat everything that is good and tasty.

He always wants to be with you, it can be a good indication that you are very good in bed. So pay attention to this sign.

2. You don't get tired quickly

Many women often complain about men breaking up too quickly without them fully enjoying the act.

The same situation applies to women, where if she gets tired and wants to stop too quickly, she may not be good in bed. But we know that nobody is made of iron.

But men don't like women who want to finish the act too quickly. And if you're a woman who doesn't get tired too quickly, you're probably good in the h.

3. Can you roll

I didn't have to be an adult film actress, let alone do fancy stunts. But at least you can move in bed.

A good woman at H-time manages to at least be flexible at times, like giving a little shake and helping the man come and go.

4. Your man's satisfaction

Another way to find out if you're good in bed or not is to pay attention to the guy during the act. where you will pay attention to the guy's facial expressions.

By looking at his face, you will be able to tell or sense that he is enjoying the act. At times he may moan or squeeze tightly.

5. Understanding of the subject

A good woman in bed is one who knows exactly what she's doing and who can help her man make the act more pleasurable.

If you know what the best positions are, what you have to do when his chocho falls, how to warm him up before the act, among other things.

In short, you are not a stone in bed, being an active woman and you can keep up with the man's breath. It's a big sign that you're good at H-time.

We believe that now you know how to know if I'm good at the right time or not. So you can improve and be even better in bed.

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