How to tell if adidas shoes are original

When we spend our hard-earned money on something expensive, we obviously want the benefit of knowing we have 100% original adidas shoes.

But as we live in a world full of opportunists, it is difficult to know that we are being sold an original product, or a fake sneakers.

adidas is one of the largest and most respected apparel brands in the world, offering a range of products of unquestionable quality.

How to tell if adidas shoes are original

To find out if the adidas sneakers are original, you must first see in detail whether the sneakers are properly produced, as the fakes tend to have flaws in the lines, glue visible on the sides, saturated colors and false information on the labels.

To find out if your Adidas sneaker is original, you need to look inside the shoe and compare the labels on the two sneakers: if the serial number is different on the right shoe and the left shoe, the shoe is original.

In case both sneakers have the same serial number inside, they are 100% fake. The serial number is the large number that appears on the label inside the shoe (Example: 3V3L6H8100097).

left serial number - men's adidas shoes
See the serial number, in this photo is below. Source: Stepdrom

The serial number on the right shoe must not match the serial number on the left shoe. Fake Adidas sneakers would have the same serial number.

Information such as serial number, size, production location, which is on the box, must be the same as found on the sneaker tag.

The inscription “Made in China” or “Made in Indonesia” is not a copy. Original adidas sneakers are also produced in China.

1. Check the stitching and glue quality

Every Adidas sneaker is crafted with expert craftsmanship and sewn flawlessly and immaculately, I can't go wrong as sneakers with quotes are automatically discarded.

  • There must be no wires that are dangling or loose.
  • You can't have loose glue tricks on the ends
  • Sewing line cannot be crooked, or different from one another on both sneakers

The finish must be well done and beautiful. If you notice any threads sticking out or uneven stitching, it's a sign that your sneakers are not genuine.

2. Right vs Left

Authentic and perfectly equal Adidas sneakers, when placed side by side, will not have any difference between them, only that they are pointing in two different directions.

Same height, same size, same high quality materials, same stitching, pretty much should be the same.

The sneakers are produced with high quality machines, and the fake ones are made with low quality machines, so you can make a mistake in one of the sneakers.

3. Photos from the internet

Sellers of fake adidas sneakers don't usually post real pictures of what they're selling. They just show you pictures from other people's websites or taken from the internet.

If they don't agree to provide you with the actual photos of the Adidas sneakers you want to buy, then you might be better off buying them elsewhere as they might be fake.

4. Check the box and packaging

adidas box
Adidas box Source: kicksmaniac

If your Adidas sneakers came in a cardboard box or some other plastic bag, you can be pretty sure those shoes are fake.

  • The original adidas sneakers are carefully packaged in a strong and sturdy blue cardboard box that doesn't wrinkle easily.
  • The lid of the box is as sturdy as the box and is designed with white stripes that run diagonally and blend in with the stripe design on the box.
  • The label glued to the side of the box contains all the information printed with details such as the color of the shoe, the type, the size of different countries.
  • The label also has the barcode and serial code.

Counterfeit Adidas sneakers will not be packed in a strong cardboard box and will not have any serial code.

5. Test the shoe's comfort

After looking at the packaging and material, find out if the shoe is genuine by putting it on your foot and trying it on.

Fake adidas shoes usually have less traction and a not-so-comfortable tread, rather reminiscent of plastic, or the sneakers can be a little stiff.

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