How to know if I have bad sex

Surely you must be thinking about how to know if you fuck badly. Don't worry, it's more common than you think to have this type of doubt.

This is very hard to know as our partner will probably never tell us. But there are many signs that can help you know if you are having bad sex or not.

Getting good in bed is an activity that takes practice. While it's true that someone can consider another person bad in bed, it varies according to each person's tastes and preferences.

How to know if I have bad sex

To know if you have sex well or badly, you need to consider these aspects as your partner avoids having sex with you, your partner must give you a lot of instructions, you don't know what to do.

One of the most common first signs of a person who has bad sex is nervousness, and if you suffer from nervousness when having sex, it could indicate that you have bad sex.

Being nervous or afraid, you will not be able to convey pleasure to your partner. Because those negative vibrations that come out of your body will hinder the act.

These signs serve so well for a man and also for a woman who wants to know if she has good or bad sex. And you need to do an analysis of how your partner reacts and how you behave during sex.

1. Your partner avoids intercourse

When you try to approach and have sex with your partner, he makes up an excuse that makes no sense to dismiss you, and this scenario repeats itself several times.

You don't perceive any desire on the part of your partner and he almost never makes any effort to have sex with you.

2. He gives you a lot of instructions

During sex, it is very important that we communicate and tell our partner what we like and what we don't like.

But if you notice that he has to keep saying to you, “No, not there. Wait no,” or things like that, you might not be pleasing your partner very much.

3. You try to imitate

A characteristic of people who have bad sex is trying to act like in adult movies, or trying to copy something they saw in a movie.

You need to act natural during a relationship. Because only then will you be able to satisfy your needs and the needs of your partner.

4. Didn't you feel little pleasure

If you felt no or little pleasure, it could indicate that the relationship was quite bad and this could be your fault. When you fuck well, you'll like it.

If you don't like it or don't think it was amazing, it could be a sign that it really wasn't and that you have bad sex.

5. You don't even know what you're doing

You're even knowing what you're doing in bed, meaning if you feel lost or lost and don't know if you're doing well or not, you probably aren't.

To have good sex you need to be firm about what you are doing. But if you are completely lost not knowing when to change positions or what to do at certain times. It is performance hand signal.

6. You get very nervous

As we mentioned before, nervousness gets in the way a lot during sex. If you are very nervous every time you are going to have sex, it could indicate that you are not good.

A person who has good sex must always be confident and convey pleasure and not nervousness or fear during sex with his partner.


To find out if you are good in bed or not is quite simple and feel prepared for it. The big problem comes after having the answer of this big question.

Whatever it is, don't get discouraged, it's completely normal and you have many things you can learn and practice to improve your sexual performance.

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