How to tell if a man cuts both ways

Bisexuality is a sexual condition in which a man or a woman is attracted to the same sex and the opposite sex, that is, they cut both ways.

Some men they prefer to hide that they cut on both sides, for fear of being judged or suffering some kind of prejudice, regarding their sexual condition.

Today we are going to list all the signs that will help us to know if he cuts on both sides or not. Pay attention to this article.

How to tell if a man cuts both ways

Man who cuts on both sides usually having a split personality, liking to be too close to men as well as women, and most of the time they like to do anal.

Observe his behavior when he is with men and when he is with women. If the behavior, the way of talking and being, are the same, it can mean that he cuts both ways.

Because straight men tend to act differently when they're with women than when they're with men. Below we've listed some signs that a man may be cutting both ways;

1. He is homophobic

Look until it seems strange, most men who cut on both sides tend to be prejudiced against gays or bisexual men.

He will show a lot of hatred and disgust towards this group of people, to hide that he actually practices this kind of thing too.

2. Likes to do anal

If this man was your husband, or your boyfriend, you might notice that he has a preference for both the front and back ways.

This swim could indicate that he might be cutting both ways. You may also notice that he has been doing strange things in his back lane.

Doing this can give him the feeling of being with another man, as he will feel pleasure with a man or a woman. But let's continue with the signs.

3. Investigate his friends

Men who cut both ways prefer to make friends with men they covet so they fantasize about them.

So you can investigate your friendships, to see behaviors like extremely handsome men with good physique, or that may also seem to cut both ways.

4. Investigate his social media

To continue our investigation, we can collect his social networks, to see the pattern of friends or people he follows.

If not, we have the same pattern mentioned above, of following or liking other men's publications, or having more male friendships than female ones.

5. He has feminine behaviors

A man who cuts both ways, at times he can behave like a gay, that is, have certain feminine traits.

You have to notice if at times he doesn't speak in an effeminate way, or if he sometimes behaves like a woman.

6. Your hygiene habits

Another sign that may indicate that a man cuts both ways is if we look at his intimate hygiene habits, where we will have some surprises.

For example, if he has a habit of shaving his butt frequently, it might help us to know if a man shaves both sides.

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