As a man disguises that he is in love

Women are best known for disguising what they feel, but the men they can also end up hiding that they are in love.

It could be fear of being rejected by you, or that you might get angry with him, or pride in admitting he is a very shy man.

Let's quote and try to understand the reasons that may lead him to choose to hide from his feelings and how to discover that he is disguising it.

As a man disguises that he is in love

For many different reasons, it's normal for a man to try to hide what he feels. The reasons for this are mentioned above.

For a man to try to hide that he is in love, he will try to hide his feelings, but his look, his smile and the way he treats you can give him away.

Signs can be as small as a subtle smile when he sees you or even insecure acts of jealousy. If you're wondering if he likes you, these signs could reveal the answer.

1. He tries not to look at you

It may even seem strange, but when a man is in love and tries to hide it, he will avoid looking directly into your eyes.

He knows that if he looks at you directly too much, you might end up realizing he's giving you a Loving Gaze.

 2. He tries to act normal

Even if he tries to act normal to disguise that he's in love, he'll get nervous around you.

If you notice that he is nervous around you, even shaking slightly. Or having a hard time talking to you could mean he is in love with you.

3. He disguises himself to be close to you

You will notice that he creates opportunities to be around you. And approaches very close, being with you. He will try to touch you indirectly.

When he tries to hide that he likes you, he'll find an excuse to be around you all the time, and he'll try to make it seem haphazard.

4. He asks you questions indirectly

Another sign that a man disguises that he is in love with you. It's when he wants to know about your personal or love life and keeps asking you some personal questions in a joking tone.

Like where are you, who are you with, what are you doing, among other questions like that. He may ask indirect questions or in a light-hearted tone.

If he asks questions that aren't typical of friend conversations, that's a good indication that he's interested in you, and wants to know more about you.

5. He smiles when he sees you

Whenever a man is in love with you, he will smile when he sees you. He smiles at you when you meet on the street or somewhere, but he hides it.

You might notice his arousal for you, a telltale sign that he secretly likes you. Even on your worst days, his presence will brighten his day.

6. He hides his jealous side

When he sees another guy around you he acts weird. Watch what he does and how he looks when another guy approaches you.

If you talk about other guys or hang out with other guys, he won't like it. A guy who likes you might behave in ways that indicate jealousy.

7. He seeks to be alone with you

If your friend has a secret crush on you, he might look for reasons to see you alone.

Even when you're in a group, he tries to find ways to spend time with you.

8. He finds reasons to touch you

He may touch you often and find reasons to touch you. Whether in the hair, hand, arm, leg, face.

Maybe he puts his arm around your back as you walk through a crowd. Wrap the blazer around your shoulders or touch you as you help her out of the car.

9. He calls you cute nicknames

It's also important to pay attention to how he pronounces your name and whether he smiles when he does. He might even call her by an affectionate nickname.

How to drink, baby, beautiful, babe….. This is a great sign that a man disguises that he is in love with you.

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