How to see followers of a private account on instagram

Instagram communicates with two account options, one of which is to have a private account, in which the account's followers are hidden.

There are several reasons why you might want to see a person's followers. private account, let us guide you on this matter.

Let's first make it clear that it's not an easy task, because if it's private it means it can't be seen in a simple way.

How to see followers of a private account on instagram

No matter where you search, you will never find a way or a tool that will allow you to see the followers of a private account.

Unfortunately, there is no official way to get followers from a private Instagram account.

Instagram is one of the safest social networks in the world, prioritizing user privacy and against any bot.

That is, it would not allow any tool to circumvent its system and show what should be private to other people.

Do not believe in any mobile application or any website that promises to show the followers of a private account, as they are account thieves.

That site or apps may demand money, steal your data, or fill you with ads, but in the end you will get nothing.

The only thing that can help you get money and followers from a private account is by trying some tricks that we are going to try below.

Use a friend's account

The first tip that you can try on a cell phone would be to ask for help from a friend who follows the person's private account to be able to see this information.

In case the person doesn't follow the person you want to see the information, you can use your friend's account to follow the person. This way, the person will not know that you are the one who wants access to the account.

Create a fake account

Another option you have to be able to see the account's followers is to create a fake account and use it to ask to follow the person.

You can create a fake account, using any name and posting some photos so that the person does not suspect. This method is a little more work than the first one, but it might work.


When the person sets their account to private, Instagram takes care of preventing anyone from being able to see information without following.

With that, no tool can give you this information, and most of the tricks available on the internet practically don't work anymore.

Only the tips above can help you see the private account followers from Instagram.

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