How to see someone's recent Instagram followers

For various reasons, we may want to see a person's recent followers on Instagram, but Instagram is uncooperative.

Instagram does not show the followers of a person chronologically, that is, from the most recent to the oldest.

In this article we are going to talk about this issue, where we are going to find out if it is possible or not to have this information.

Quick tip: if you manage to access the person's cell phone, entering their profile and clicking on the option followers, below will have an option that allows you to choose to see the ordered followers of newest to oldest. So you can see recent followers.

How to see someone's recent Instagram followers

The followers the person sees there are shown randomly, which makes it impossible to see what the person's recent followers are.

Unfortunately, there is no official way to see someone's recent Instagram followers. Or a simple method for that.

To be able to see someone's recent followers on Instagram, you must use a paid tool, which will monitor the account.

That is, there is no way to see a person's recent followers on Instagram for free, and if it is important, you will have to extract some value.

We never recommend paid options when we make our tutorials. But in this case, there is no other alternative.

See recent followers using Snoopreport

O snoopreport, despite being a paid tool, it will not only show someone's recent Instagram followers, but also all of the person's activities within Instagram.

So you can see all the comments the person has made and received, the likes they have given and received, the people they have recently followed and unfollowed.

Among other valuable information that you can see using this tool. All data is already available on the website.

You can test it, but not with an account of your choice, that is, they will show you how the report will look on their demo page. The plan starts at $4,99 per month but only allows you to track 2 accounts at a time.


If it's a summary already, we can say that there is no way to be able to see a person's recent followers on Instagram.

Unless you are willing to pay for the tool mentioned above. Don't trust any other app or tool that promises to display this data.

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