How to see who viewed your video on instagram

If you want to know if the video in the instagram feed can see who viewed it, you're in the right place, because we're going to talk about that.

O Instagram, in addition to photos, also allows us to publish videos, share with our followers.

Many users are faced with the question “I can't see who viewed my video on Instagram” and the question arises of how to do this. In this article, we will shed light on all these issues.

Is it possible to see who viewed video in instagram feed?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to see who viewed your video in the instagram feed, as instagram does not provide this data for privacy reasons.

This information practically does not even exist, because the instagram algorithm does not collect these data from those who viewed the videos, so there would be nowhere to find this data.

Instagram only shows the people who liked your video on the Instagram platform, and the number of views your video had, nothing more.

You can search the entire internet, and you won't find a way to get this information, not even using apps or websites.

Some sites on the internet promise to show this information, but they are nothing more than fake sites that just want to steal your data.

In the playstore and appstore, there are some apps that claim to show who viewed our videos, but just like websites, these apps don't work.

These apps will just show you ads, charge you money, or steal your instagram account.

How to know who viewed my video on instagram

As we mentioned above, unfortunately, there is no way to know who viewed your video on Instagram, as Instagram does not collect this data on its data platform.

The same goes for other social networks such as Twiter, Youtube, tiktok, among other social media, which do not allow you to see this information.

The only information you can see is just the information from the comments and likes received on your video on instagram.

This information is usually less, compared to information from video views.

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