How to turn the game around and make him run after

You know that man you like and want for yourself, you approach and want to turn the game around and make him run after you to live that love.

You are in the right place, because for that we will give you many wonderful tips so that unconsciously he comes running drooling after you without much effort on your part.

Fear not, you just need to follow our tips to the letter and make sure you implement all our tips right and wait for the miracle.

How to turn the game around and make him run after

To change the roles in this situation and manage to turn the game around and make him run after you, you need to be a more cautious person and think carefully about your attitudes before acting.

Because if before you wanted to be close to him and committed yourself to make it happen, today you must be smarter to achieve the opposite.

Below we list some items that will guide you to keep doing this man run after you.

1. Show disinterest in him

People usually miss it when they lose, missing out on some attitudes can be a great way to show disinterest and turn the tables.

You can smile less when you're talking, avoid being close and talking privately, are some of the ways you can get his attention.

2. Stop paying attention to him

Responding immediately to text messages or on social media is a sign of desperation and is not a good idea. Avoid commenting on his posts and follow all of his profiles to see and follow his life on social networks.

Accept any invitation to go out or do something together, he must realize that to have your company it is necessary to make some effort and it cannot be something that he will get in a few moments.

3. Make yourself more attractive

Changing your look will definitely make things more flexible, dress elegantly, take good care of your appearance your hair, your skin, your scent, your posture and be the woman he wants to be with.

Avoid exposing your body as much as possible and doing unnecessary exhibitionism, if he has to see any part of your body, make sure it is at an appropriate and private time.

4. Hang out with other people

Having a friendship cycle is fundamental, so you don't get too attached to this idea and it will make him jealous to see you in relaxed environments and with people who are not him.

It will generate a need in him to get closer, to seek to have you close and not share his attention with other people. Automatically he will be chasing you.

5. Do not frequent the same environments

Being in the same environments can generate in you the desire to be with him, to get closer and reveal your feelings, which is not a priority at the moment.

Create some distance to avoid this and make him miss seeing you around or being in front of you.

6. Make your social networks attractive

Social networks are currently our business card. Having them very attractive will make him impressed with your appearance, your creativity, the way you communicate and he will definitely chase after you.

To do this, ensure that you publish useful, enjoyable content that not only entertains your audience. But for him in particular, if possible share some hints and situations you would like them to go through together.

You can tag him in posts that tag him and discreetly pull him to you.


All the tips given in this article are to help you get him to chase you without much effort, they are simple things that you can implement little by little until complete.

Having done all this, what you have to do is sit down and wait to see the results of everything, we guarantee that you will not regret it. Enjoy and be happy.

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