Spiritual consequences of envy

Few people know more that envy has quite devastating physical and spiritual consequences in the life of the person who feeds this type of feeling.

The envy it is so heavy that it is quoted in the Bible, as it causes great spiritual destruction in a person's life and makes him push.

Today we're going to talk about all the consequences that envy can bring in a person's life according to what the Bible says.

Spiritual consequences of envy

Envy is an evil spirit that enters a person's life and if he lets himself be carried away, he will feed that spirit, which will destroy his life.

There are several verses in the Bible who cite envy as something very negative in a person's life, being considered something destructive.

The Bible says: Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, dissolution, the envy, blasphemy, pride, madness. All these evils proceed from within and contaminate man. Mark 7: 22,23

The spiritual consequences of envy are sin, spiritual curse, destruction of one's life, suffering and bitterness in one's life.

This verse makes it quite clear that envy is considered one that defiles a person, as poison does the human body.

1. Jealousy and envy are sins

The spiritual world makes it very clear that envy is a sin that will make a person move further away from God.

For God says that we cannot envy others, because each one has his own mission and what he has been given. This is one of the biggest consequences.

2. Envy opens doors for evil spirits

Evil beings like demons worship bodies poisoned with hatred or negative consent in the person's body and mind.

Therefore, according to spiritualism, one of the consequences is the contamination of the person's soul, facilitating the entry of an evil being into the person's life.

3. Envy will hinder your prosperity and blessing

The spiritual world tells us that people who accumulate envy in their hearts. And in your soul, they will be closing the way to prosperity in your life.

God will not bless people who feed negative feelings, and who carry feelings as deadly as envy.

4. The envy of becoming a mean person

Another consequence caused by this evil feeling is the fact that it makes you a resentful and evil person in the eyes of God.

Because you cannot be considered a good person if you carry a negative feeling in your thoughts and in your body.

5. The envied person will be blessed

The spiritual world tells us that one of the consequences that comes from envy is that it makes the envied person more blessed.

That is, the more you envy a person, the more you bless the person. Doing until your blessing goes to the person.

6. Envy rots the bones

The bible says the following: “A peaceful heart gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones." Proverbs 14:30

It means that you have accumulated a feeling of envy in your body, it will make your bones already rot in your body.


Although we all feel envy at some point in our lives. There are situations where envy goes beyond normal limits.

And there is also a difference between normal envy and negative envy. Negative envy manifests itself wanting a person's harm simply by envying them.

We have reached the end of our article and we hope you enjoyed it and understood What are the spiritual consequences of Envy in a person's life.

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