A PDF document is just a click away from you, whether you are using a computer or smartphone.

When you need to send a Web page or any other document like PDF, it has many options that don't involve using the Application whether it's paid or free.

The methods are built right into your device's operating system and are just a few clicks or clicks away.

Create a PDF of any website, on any device
Create a PDF of any website, on any device

Even on a macOS or Windows computer, or an iPhone or Android mobile device, you can create and share PDFs.

Print to PDF, no printer needed

The best way to export any page to PDF it's hidden from the eyes of many: Windows and Mac include PDF as a print option, so even if you don't have a printer;

You can use the Print feature to save the current page or document as a PDF.

The option will work in browsers like: Chrome, Edge, Safari and in document editors like Word.

  1. Click the three-dot “Menu” button in Chrome or Edge and choose the “ Print ".
  2. From the drop-down list, choose the “ Save as PDF ".
  3. You can preview or edit the PDF before saving it to local storage using the “ Save ".

Save as PDF on Android

Chrome on Android supports the same Print as PDF feature.

  1. Open the website in Chrome, tap the three-dot Menu button and choose the “ Share ".
  2. On the second line, tap the “ Print ”. Now you will see the web page preview.
  3.  Tap on the drop-down menu and choose the option “ Save as PDF ".
  4. Touch the button Save (with the PDF icon) to save the PDF to local storage.
  5. From here, you can share the PDF with any contact or app.

Convert any webpage to PDF in Safari on iPhone or iPad

If you're using Safari on iPhone or iPad, a PDF document is just a tap away.

  1.  Open the page in Safari and hit the Share button.
  2.  At the top, tap the “ Options ".
  3. Here, choose “ PDF " for to share a document in full format or use the option “ PDF reader ” to share only the text and images of the page as PDF.
  4. Touch the “ completed " to come back.

You can now use any of the options on the Share worksheet.

You can email the PDF to someone, share it via iMessage, or save it to the Files app.