Inside the bible what it means to dream with a tooth

In the bible, dreaming about teeth has a very important meaning for the life of the person who is having this dream.

Os teeth in the bible represent protection and spiritual attack. That is, the state in which the teeth are in the dream, can tell us how your spiritual protection is.

Do not ignore the signs and message coming from this dream, as it is very important for your life. And it will allow you to know how to deal with problems.

Inside the bible what it means to dream with a tooth

Teeth help us to know what state we are in before the attack of evil beings. If we are well protected, such as very complete teeth or at risk of attack, with broken, rotten or loose teeth.

Within the bible, dreaming of teeth means our spiritual protection, where complete and strong teeth represent our strong soul, and when broken they represent a corrupted soul.

If teeth are broken in your dream, or if teeth are broken, it means that our soul is corrupted, and that we are suffering a spiritual attack.

The bible says that complete, healthy teeth help us to eat well, but when they are broken, rotten, or incomplete, they cause major problems, representing vulnerabilities in our lives.

If the teeth were complete in your dream, the bible says you can rest assured, but if the opposite is the case, better rethink how you are dealing with your life.

It is a part of the Bible in the Salmo 58: 6, King David prays to the Lord to help him destroy the enemies, where he says: “Break your teeth in your mouth.” Which means that breaking the person's teeth would be like destroying them, destroying their image as a person.

This is the meaning of dreaming about teeth, within the bible. We hope you understood the meaning of this dream in your life.

What the Bible Says About Teeth

Teeth are mentioned several times within the bible, as something good and at the same time as something bad, depending on the context in which they are mentioned in the bible.

  • Em Genesis 49:12 the bible says, "Your eyes will be redder than wine, and your teeth whiter than milk."
  • Em Luke 13:38 the bible says, "There we will weep and gnash our teeth, when you see Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob."

After having this dream, always pray to God and increase your faith in God and his teachings, so as not to fall into temptation or see your teeth fall out in your dreams.


Now that you know what the bible says about dreaming about teeth, it's up to you to decide how you're going to react depending on how your dream went.

Just remember that God is trying to give you advice and help you solve your problems through teeth dreams. For they can tell if something is wrong or not in your life.

Teeth in the bible have the power of God, they represent our protection and faith, and that's why we must take care of them so that this protection is not broken.

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