Testimonial of men who have lovers

Getting men who have lovers to make a statement is not as simple as it seems, as most don't even have much to say.

People have long believed that married men risk their marriage just for the sake of exciting sex, and that there was nothing else that made men have sex. fixed lovers.

But after collecting some testimonials, and realizing that it's not just for a single reason, but that there are several reasons that lead a man to have lovers.

Testimonial of men who have lovers

We collected some short testimonials from some men who already had the experience of having lovers. What motivated them to be unfaithful.

According to these short testimonies, we can see that most of these men have lovers on a whim, without a plausible reason for this behavior.

1. “I never felt in love”

I cheated on all my girlfriends because I never felt as passionate as the books describe what love is.

I didn't feel bad at the time, to be honest, it hurt when they found out and broke up, but I think that was more because of my ego than anything else.

And I cheated for not feeling true love for a single person, so for me, I could have as many as I wanted without caring.

Today I am very much in love and I have no desire or need to cheat on my girlfriend; i know a lot of people say a cheater never changes but i am the exception.

2. 'I don't want to be bored' 

"If I wasn't unfaithful to my girlfriend, we just wouldn't be together anymore."

I love her, but just being alone with her isn't enough for me; next to her I know it's something safe, something formal, something serious, she gives me everything I'm looking for in a relationship;

And that's why I'm with other people, because I don't want to get bored with being with the same person all the time, but I don't want to leave them.

It really doesn't make me feel bad because, although this pleasure is for me, the reward goes to both of us.

3. “I was afraid of being alone”

“I wasn't happy with my relationship and I often felt abandoned. I was alone, I don't like confrontation and I was afraid of making a wrong decision.

I cheated because I needed to feel wanted, loved and my girlfriend wouldn't be enough for that.

4. “Something was missing”

“I was with someone for several years. In our relationship, I realized a piece was missing, I felt incomplete, and I happened to meet someone.

After a year of dating, I knew better than to hold back what I felt. I emotionally cheated on myself for months so I ended the relationship to be with the other person”.

5. “She was also unfaithful”

I was unfaithful to my ex-girlfriend because I knew she was unfaithful too. We talked about it and I “forgave” her, but then I realized that she hadn't really done that, that she was feeling immense anger and that she needed to get back at me.

When I did that I felt terrible, it was not what I expected and much less what I wanted. The same day I went to tell her, she wanted us to let him get over it, but I didn't, not because it would become a circle we would never have left.

We hope that some of the testimonials of men who have lovers, mentioned above, make sense to you and be useful.

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