Is it normal for the tattoo to peel off after 3 days?

have a tattoo is the fantasy of many teenagers and adults. Find out if it's normal for the tattoo to peel after 3 days and many other curiosities on the subject.

After being tattooed, it is normal for several questions to arise about the procedure and what is or is not normal, and it is always good to research to be sure if it is normal or not in case something happens.

Once a tattoo is done, it should peel off after some time. But you need to pay attention to the time your tattoo takes to peel off.

Is it normal for the tattoo to peel off after 3 days?

Yes, it is normal for the tattoo to peel after 3 days, although most of the time it starts to peel after a week, but even after 3 days it is normal.

Once your tattoo starts to peel off as expected, you should care for it according to the tattoo artist's instructions to prevent it from getting damaged.

We always recommend keeping your tattoo artist abreast of the entire process to ensure that everything is going as expected after the tattoo.

Below we will quote some basic hygiene care to keep your tattoo always safe and avoid any kind of damage to it.

  • Keep your tattoo clean
  • Let the tattooed area completely dry.
  • Avoid scratching the tattooed area and removing scales

Warning signs if your tattoo peels off within 3 days

Although it is normal for your tattoo to peel after three days, you need to pay attention to the warning signs to know if it is peeling normally or if something is wrong.

Signs such as itching, swelling or redness that do not go away over the days may indicate that something is wrong.

  • pain to the touch
  • secretions
  • Fever
  • Constant peeling and local pain

All these signs indicate the possibility of an infection, so if this is your case, do not hesitate to consult your tattoo artist so that he can send you the appropriate treatment.

But to avoid complications during the healing process, remember that you must have proper hygiene to avoid unnecessary problems.

To do this, wash your hands well, then wash the tattoo with warm water and mild soap, apply a layer of vaseline and repeat the process three or four times a day in the first week after the tattoo.

Also avoid wearing tight clothes that make it difficult for air to pass through the tattooed area, it needs to be uncovered for better air circulation.


The care to be taken with a tattoo must always comply with the criteria established by the professional in the area, and in turn the tattooed person must always consult him in case of any doubt.

Do not worry that a tattoo can peel off and that is not a sign of any problem, on the contrary it is a response from the skin after the process it is regenerating itself.

But always make sure you stay informed about the entire procedure before doing so, and make sure you have it done by a professional.

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