He shows interest and then disappears

Several relationships start with whirlwinds of emotions, the question is when he shows interest and then disappears, there are a lot of doubts, because you don't know why.

It may seem strange and sometimes confusing to see someone interested in you and out of nowhere the person disappears, know that there are reasons behind this attitude.

In this article, we want to tell you about some reasons that drive this behavior and what things you can do to reverse the situation.

He shows interest and then disappears

When he shows interest and then disappears, it's because there is something that made him back off or simply the destinies took different directions and he lost interest.

Some of the reasons could include disappointment, lack of confidence, change of plans, however there are a few little things you can do to get him interested again.

Below we list all the reasons that could justify the fact that he showed interest and then disappeared without any explanation.

1. He found out something about you

Many people get emotional when they meet someone and leave, however, they say they like it, show their feelings and say everything they feel and want.

After some time you see that they exaggerated and that after all that person is not quite what you imagined. Or someone close warned you about this person's personality, or something like that.

So, in order not to embarrass the person, he simply drinks some disappearing tea and disappears. However, you can go to him or contact him to find out what happened and get closer.

2. He doesn't trust you

By keeping in touch and getting closer, he may notice behaviors and a different character than he imagined and feel insecure and suspicious.

Lack of confidence can arise through exposure on social media, way of being in front of other people and sexist behaviors.

Men fear women who expose themselves too much, as they often don't have long-term plans and just live in the moment.

If for any of the reasons mentioned above he stopped talking to you. Review his appearance and moderate his behaviors before getting back in contact with him again.

3. He lost interest

Sometimes this disappearance may not be directly linked to you, he may have moved to another city or embraced an opportunity that you don't fit in with.

The new reality may cause you to disappear, but that does not mean that you are to blame or that you can do something to reverse the situation.

If you feel in love and want to get this man interested again, use some tactics like following him on social media and try to connect with him.

And make him realize that there is no impediment that can keep you apart or distant from each other.


the reasons cited here are likely and possibly manage to reverse the situation and be able to gain his attention and interest again.

Don't despair, nothing is lost and follow our advice. So I could deal better with him gone, after showing interest.

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