He blocked me on whatsapp I should block too

If you are in a relationship with someone or have had it, it is normal that at some point the connection is cut. If he blocked you on WhatsApp and you want to know if you should block him too, read on.

Relationships, whether of friendship, marital or even kinship, end for different reasons and this often causes communication to be cut off.

Although it is easier and more convenient to exclude someone from your contacts or to be excluded by someone, find out how to act in this situation.

He blocked me on whatsapp I should block too

If he blocked you on WhatsApp and you want to know if you should block him too, we recommend that you first analyze the situation, and see if what was done to him is fair and then you can find a more viable solution.

If he blocked you on whatsapp and if you don't want anything to do with him anymore, block him too and move on, but if you still want something to do with him, don't block him.

From the moment a man decides to block you on WhatsApp, think about whether he had done something wrong or if at some point he had hurt him.

Men usually don't make these kinds of decisions on impulse. See the reasons why men can block you on WhatsApp and find out when to block you too.

Blocked you for cheating 

When discovering a betrayal, all men are left with a wounded ego, because most of them do not imagine that at some point in their life they will be able to go through this situation.

If you cheat on him and see yourself blocked on WhatsApp, the advice is not to block him back. Because if you have any regrets for what happened, you should keep this in mind in case he goes back on his decision.

And you can block him if you intentionally cheated on him with the aim of moving away or putting an end to your relationship. This advice is useful for all types of relationships.

Blocked you for mentiras

No one likes to know they've been lied to, as the saying goes, lies have short legs. If you revealed yourself to be a liar and he found out, it is likely that he would prefer to block you on WhatsApp and avoid confronting you.

If it's your will and you feel comfortable blocked, block it back and move on with your life naturally. Now if you feel any remorse for what you caused.

It's good that you look for ways to be forgiven or not to block him so that if there is ever a possibility he is available to keep in touch.

Blocked you by illusion

There are women who use WhatsApp to deceive men, show that they are interested in them, send messages and cooperate as if they share the same interests. They do this most of the time to get money and material goods.

When discovered, men can simply block them out, causing them great discomfort. So if he blocked you for that reason.

We advise you to block him back because he will never want to keep in touch again. Spend your time looking for other ways to get some benefit.

Blocked you for disrespect 

Lack of respect can indeed be a good reason for a man to block you on WhatsApp, speaking badly and having unpleasant behaviors are things that few people can stand.

Coming from a woman, he may not have the courage to call her attention and simply block you from having any contact with you.

If it is your personality to be disrespectful, we advise you to change your way of being and that next time you try to behave better.

The simplest thing is to block him too, so you avoid getting your hopes up in recovering your communication and learn from your mistake and move on with your life.


Here we have seen several reasons why he can block you on WhatsApp and how you should react to each one if you also block it or simply wait for a miracle.

In all of them, seek an apprenticeship and strictly follow the advice of the one you most identify with.

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