He despises me how to turn the game around

Nobody likes to be despised by a man, and if he despises you and wants to know how to turn the tables, follow this article.

the contempt makes anyone feel inferior and insufficient. When a person despises you, your self-esteem is greatly affected and can cause damage to the person's mind.

This feeling doesn't need to be eternal, I'll help you turn the game around and show you that you won't accept him treating you like any other.

He despises me how to turn the game around

The most effective step to show contempt for a man who despises you, is doing what the person does to you.

To turn the tide you must avoid contact, show disinterest, don't respond to his teasing, live a happy life, hang out with friends, forget about him.

Most of these attitudes will not only help you turn that game around, but will also help you to have more self-love, and to live better.

1. Avoid keeping in touch with him

Keeping in touch with him will give him more opportunities to hurt you, which is why you should avoid keeping in touch with him.

Look for other ways to distract yourself, if he texts or looks for you, simply avoid him.

Once he sees you ignoring his texts or calls, he'll start wanting to know what's going on.

2. Show disinterest

He despises me how to turn the game around
He despises me how to turn the tables Source: Pixabay

Your lack of interest will make him feel that he is not as prestigious as he thinks he is, and he will seek your attention again.

Avoid doing as much as possible, if possible pretend that nothing that comes from him is important to you and follow your life freely.

Don't keep opening his statuses or visiting his profiles. When he realizes that you are losing interest in him, the tables will turn.

3. Don't respond to provocations

If he shares a joke or teases you in any way, simply ignore him. Don't respond to that kind of attitude.

He may at some point want to make you feel down and scorn there again, don't take it into account.

4. Have a happy life

Follow your path, seek new purposes, seek help with people who want your well-being, seek to be loved.

There are several ways to seek happiness, such as doing what we love most, and being with people we love.

When he realizes that you can be happy without him, he will feel belittled and then we will be changing the game.

5. Go out with friends

Having new friendships or connecting more with old ones will help to turn the game around and get out of this exhausting and unpleasant situation.

Don't be afraid to be happy with other people, follow a path that is really worthwhile and nothing better than being in good company.

Show him that he's not the only man in the world, and that there are other men you might be interested in. This will turn the tide in your favor.

5. Forget about it

The final blow, walk away from him so he realizes that his existence means absolutely nothing to you.

They say that man only values ​​after he loses, so believe that he will run after you after you forget about him.

6. Be patient

This process will not be completed overnight, and it may take several days before he notices the signs and starts chasing you.

Just follow our tips and wait, because sooner or later you'll manage to turn the tables, and his contempt will end completely.

7. Make yourself more attractive and beautiful

Start paying more attention to your appearance and taking more care of your beauty, so that you will always be beautiful and slender.

When he sees how beautiful you've become, and that you're getting more attractive. Without a doubt he will start running after you.


These are some very effective ways to go up against someone who despises you and turn the tables to show them your worth.

We hope you enjoyed our article and that the tips mentioned in it are useful to help you turn the game around with him.

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