He deleted me but didn't block me

When one relationship endedaa frustration can lead to wanting to cut off communication with the person, if he excludes you, but does not block you, it can be a positive sign.

Regardless of the reasons that led you to this situation, the simple fact that he does not block you and gives you the chance to communicate with him is already a sign that you still have some chances.

Be smart and rational in the steps you are going to take next, powders can be decisive in the face of what you want.

He deleted me but didn't block me

If he deleted you but didn't block you, it's a clear message that you need to just put in a little effort and show him your interest in being okay with him.

When a man gives you the chance to still be able to communicate with him even after some unpleasant situation, it's because he still considers the possibility that there is something between you.

The fact that he excludes your contact may just be to avoid feeling uncomfortable or sad in the face of the situation they are in.

See below the reasons why he excludes you, but does not block you.

still loves you

Love can be stronger than anything, the simple feeling of loving can make the person, no matter how hurt they are, reconsider and give you chances to continue existing something between you.

If he excludes you and doesn't block you, it's a strong indication that there is love for you and that you still have a great opportunity to fight for that person.

want you back

If he has made the decision to exclude you, it is because he has in mind to break off communication and is considering the possibility of breaking off your relationship.

But by leaving you unlocked it demonstrates a strong feeling of wanting you back, because when we have a wounded heart and another strong feeling for someone, we give that person a chance to have us back.

If you feel remorse for something you would have done wrong and you really want to get back to having some connection with that person, celebrate because you have that chance.

Is there a possibility to forgive you

Forgiveness doesn't always come to us in words sometimes someone's decision to forgive us can be demonstrated in many ways.

At the end of a relationship or disagreements with someone, the act of giving them a chance to communicate is a strong indicator of the desire to forgive and we can never ignore this chance.

Probably if he just excludes you and didn't get to block you, it's because there is a chance of getting a pardon.


However, we hope that you have understood what it means when he excludes you and does not block you, and through these ways you can think about the best you can do to reverse this situation.

We hope they go back to the way they were before or that they can be happier.

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