He looks at all my statuses but doesn't talk to me

Have you noticed that he looks at all your whatsapp statuses but he doesn't talk to you, this leaves you with many doubts.

Today we're going to talk about this behavior, and we're going to tell you the reasons why he doesn't talk to you, just see your statuses.

Let's remember that for this type of question, there is no single answer, as there are several hypotheses that can explain the reasons.

He looks at all my statuses but doesn't talk to me

The reason he looks at all your stats but won't talk to you it's because he's curious about your life, but doesn't have the courage to text you.

It's not always easy for a man to just text a woman. Fear can cause him to end up not texting.

Below we will explain in detail the reasons why he does not talk to you on whatsapp or on another social network, such as instagram and facebook.

1. He doesn't talk to you because he's shy

Did you know that shyness is one of the biggest reasons why men don't talk to women, just looking at her status.

In such cases, he will always see your statuses, but he will never send you a message. In those cases you can take the first step and message him.

2. He Thinks You're Not Into Him

He may not send you any messages out of fear or fear that you might reject him. Many men are afraid of being dumped.

He may be waiting for an opportunity to send you a message. But he hasn't had that opportunity yet.

3. Is he your ex boyfriend?

If the man who only looks at your status and doesn't talk to you happens to be your ex, that means he wants to see if you've moved on or not.

It demonstrates that he still cares about you, and wants to follow your every move, or see the things you think, seeing your statuses.

4. He wants to get your attention

It could also be a case of having to look at your statuses, whether it's just a ploy to get their attention.

This is a trick, and we can say that he succeeded. Because now you're intrigued trying to know why he looks at his status without talking to you.

5. He looks at your status out of curiosity

It could be that he is just a curious man, who will open the statuses of everyone who posts them.

In this situation, it means that he has no interest in you specifically, but that he looks at everyone's states equally.

6. It's normal for him

It may be that he doesn't talk to you, because he simply has no interest in you, just opening his status in a natural way.

That is, he can have this behavior with all the contacts on his cell phone. And not be personal with you, like he doesn't care.


He looks at all my statuses but doesn't talk to me
He looks at all my statuses but doesn't talk to me

We hope you liked our article and understood why he doesn't talk to you and just see your whatsapp status.

If you like him, you can take the first step and reply to his status. So he can feel more comfortable to take the first step.

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