He asked for a break but he keeps talking to me

When a man asks for time, what we most expect is that he stops talking to us, but when he keeps talking to you, it leaves doubts.

Why would he take time out and continue talking to you? This might not make any sense to you.

That's why today we're going to better understand why bread has this behavior and what it means.

He asked for a break but he keeps talking to me

The reasons that can lead him to waste time and continue talking to you will depend on the situation you are in.

That is, it would be difficult to give a single definitive answer to this question, as there are several factors involved.

But instead of giving you options by which you can support your doubts, we have prepared a guide with different relationships that can justify this action.

  1. He is ending the relationship

    As hard as it is to accept, this could be the reason why he asked for a break. Maybe he didn't have the courage he keeps saying he's breaking up.

    Continuing to talk to you will make him feel less guilty. And that maybe with time you can even accept the end of the relationship.

  2. he is in doubt

    Another reason that may justify the fact that he broke up but still continues to talk to you, may be justified by the fact that he has doubts.

    The fact that he asked for time already indicates that he is in doubt about your relationship. And he continues to talk to you while waiting for a definitive answer.

  3. He is trying to comfort you

    Perhaps he has come to the conclusion that stopping talking to you completely could be painful for you.

    With that, he continues to talk to you, so that you don't feel bad or that you don't feel rejected.

  4. he needs peace

    It could be that as a girlfriend you are doing some things that might take away from him, so he asks for some time off so he can get some rest.

    That could be a good reason why he asked for a break and continuing to talk to you demonstrates that the relationship isn't over but that he needs peace.

  5. he is testing me

    He may have asked for some time simply to test and see what law your behavior or reaction will be after he leaves.

    Continuing to talk to you can make it easier for him to be able to monitor your behavior and see what you're going to do.

  6. He wants to do something with someone else

    Another reason why he might want to take a break and continue talking to you is that he wants to do something.

    Perhaps he wants to be with another woman, that is, to have relations with her and in order not to feel guilty he decided to take a break. And he keeps talking to you so he doesn't lose sight of you.

Now you know why he asks for time, but he keeps talking to you. Analyze the situation and try to find the exact reason.

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