He disappeared from whatsapp what to do

If you realize that someone you were in contact with disappeared in your conversations or he disappeared from WhatsApp and you don't know what to do, be happy, because we will help you.

Many times we hurt people's feelings without even realizing it and we don't imagine why they just disappear somewhere.

Upon realizing that he disappeared from whatsapp this will probably cause you sadness, but know that there are things you can do to reverse this situation.

He disappeared from whatsapp what to do

If he disappeared from WhatsApp now know what you should do, first try to check if he blocked you.

In case he didn't, ask him about his disappearance and if this has to do with something you would have done.

Men often don't know very well how to express themselves in tense situations and prefer to leave people's lives or simply walk away.

Below we want to give you good tips on what you should do if he disappears from WhatsApp, follow the guide:

get back in touch

When you realize that he disappeared from WhatsApp, try to keep in touch, find out if everything is fine with him. If anything it would have happened for him not to communicate. Send him a message, make a call, find out more about him.

If you don't want to be direct and immediately send him a message or make a call, send him a meme or a funny video to start a conversation without being awkward.

try to understand the situation

Try to find out the reasons for this disappearance, if you have any direct relationship or if you can do something to have more interaction with him.

Ask him if you would have hurt him or if you somehow hurt his feelings so that you can analyze the situation and later act correctly.

resolve the differences

If the reason for this disappearance is some discord or divergence of thoughts, try to understand the situation.

And dialogue from one to consider each one's point of view and find a middle ground to resolve the situation.

If you have made a mistake, please forgive me, this is the best you can do to ease the situation and continue your relationship smoothly.

show interest 

Ignoring the situation is definitely not a good option if you want to have a good relationship with him. Don't disappear, go after him, show that you care and that you're worried about him disappearing on WhatsApp.

Give him the pleasure of feeling special or knowing that there is someone who cares about his absence. Tell him that you missed him and that you don't want to see him disappear on WhatsApp in the next few days.


Once that's done, you can already feel convinced that you've traveled halfway. It will be a matter of so much for them to keep in touch frequently and overcome that distance.

Disappearance is not always an indicator of sadness or that the person does not want to know about you. Sometimes it's the lack of time and distraction that causes someone to walk away and not pay attention to us on WhatsApp.

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