Fundamental mistake every traitor makes

no matter how good a traitor, he will always make a fundamental mistake that every traitor makes, and he will be found out for this mistake.

Nowadays it is practically impossible to trust anyone, as everyone always ends up betraying our trust in some way, some being more difficult than others.

Today we are going to talk about this mistake to discover the signs of how to identify the mistakes that every traitor makes. Pay full attention to this article.

Fundamental mistake every traitor makes

We all make mistakes, but there is the fundamental mistake that every traitor makes is that of leaving clues that he is a traitor, which will allow him to be discovered.

A traitor's best friend and accomplice is always his cell phone, as it contains almost all the evidence of his betrayals and dark secrets.

And it is in this device that we must focus when we want to unmask a traitor. Noticing all the fundamental mistakes he will make.

1. Fundamental Error: Not remembering

Every traitor will always have difficulties remembering his lies and stories told, to justify something he said.

You will notice that he says one thing, and hours later he will say something completely different from what he said at the beginning, being a clear sign that he is a traitor.

2. Fundamental Mistake: Hiding the cell phone

Every traitor will always make the mistake of always hiding his cell phone, or always keeping his cell phone nearby, so that no one can take his cell phone and see his conversations.

It doesn't matter if he's going to the bathroom, if he's eating... He always takes his cell phone. A clear sign that he is a traitor, trying not to be found out.

3. Fundamental Error: Cell Phone on Silence

A traitor's cell phone will always be silent, as he does not want his cell phone to ring when he is near the woman.

You can try calling his number, the cell phone will not ring, as it will be silent. This is one of the mistakes every traitor makes to hide from discovery.

4. Fundamental Mistake: Using codes on your cell phone

A traitor will always use codes on everything, and they are not simple codes to notice. He will use super difficult codes to memorize.

Another practice of a traitor is to change your cell phone password very often, so that your betrayals are never discovered.

5. Fundamental Mistake: Never use cell phone

Another common cheating mistake is never using your cell phone around your partner. Even if he enters a message, he will not answer or answer calls.

You can also notice that he always gets up to answer calls outside his reach, always keeping his voice low, so that no one can hear what he says.


These are the biggest mistakes every traitor makes, and now you know what they are and how you can unmask that traitor once and for all.

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