Spiritism dreaming of a deceased mother

Losing a mother is not easy for anyone, and dreaming of a deceased mother is not easy to deal with the feeling either.

Today we are going to talk about the meaning of your mother dead appear in your dream. According to what spiritism tells us, to understand the meaning.

This dream is very important for any child, especially if you miss your mother, and now she appears in your dream.

Spiritism dreaming of a deceased mother

Spiritism says that the dead can travel from the world of the dead to the world of the living through dreams, with different purposes.

Dreaming of a deceased mother in spiritism means that she came to visit you, or that she came to bring you a message, and also that she came to bring you support.

The concrete meaning of this dream will depend on how it happened and how you felt after you woke up from this dream.

But in general, according to Spiritism, dreaming of a deceased mother represents a good thing for your life. For mothers often appear in dreams to bring blessing.

1. Your deceased mother came to visit you

When your dream with your deceased mother happens peacefully, that is, a peaceful dream and you wake up with a good feeling.

Spiritism says that this dream means that your mother came to visit you, because you and she missed each other.

According to spiritism, this dream will be full of good things, such as conversations, hugs, laughter, and a good calm in the place of the dream.

By knowing and feeling how much your son misses her. Your mother may decide to make a visit from the spirit world to her dream.

2. Your deceased mother came with a message

Spiritism also tells us that your mother can appear in your dream to bring you a warning or an important message about your life.

For dreams like this one they are usually a wake up call. You will already wake up with a feeling of fear, worry, very strong anxiety.

Which will indicate that you have received a warning or a very important message from your deceased mother and that you must accept what she said.

3. Your deceased mother came to support you

Spiritism also says that the dead can appear in our dreams to be able to give us some kind of support or help us in difficult times.

If you are going through a difficult time in your life you might be sad. Or going through a pain, or a very complicated situation.

Your deceased mother may appear in your dream to come and give you comfort and support. As usually happens when a mother sees her child suffering.


Dreaming of our deceased mother is a moment to be able to kill that longing that has accumulated in our heart since her departure.

Read and analyze all the meanings in our article to find the most concrete meaning of your dream. With the help of spiritism.

We have reached the end of our article and we hope you enjoyed it and understood the meaning of dreaming of a deceased mother in spiritism.

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