Forget the loved one in 3 days

Love is a genuine feeling that should make us happy, but if it causes you sadness or pain, find out how forget the person Loved within 3 days.

The person we love doesn't always have the same feelings as ours, and it's important to know when to leave and forget the person.

As much as if you distance yourself from the person, it is difficult to go through the terrible mission of getting them out of your mind, but this is not impossible. Keep reading.

Forget the loved one in 3 days

Let's be realistic, because forget a person It's not an easy task and it doesn't happen overnight. But taking a step is half the battle.

To forget your loved one in 3 days you need to keep your distance, delete the number, eliminate memories, keep busy, look for new friendship cycles and be happy.

You have to be really strong, it won't be an easy task, but we'll help you with that. In 3 days you will be 80% of the way to forgetting your loved one.

1. Keep your distance from the person

If you've decided that it's best to forget the person you love and move on without them, the first thing you need to do to forget about them in 3 days is to walk away.

As the old saying goes, what the eyes don't see, the heart doesn't feel. If it's someone who lived with you, change residence and try to have your own space and have your privacy.

2. Delete the person's number

Having the person's cell phone number can be a weakness, as whenever you feel regret or remorse you will try to contact them.

Delete the person's number from your phone book and prevent communication of any kind with the person.

3. Ask a friend or family member for help

Sometimes we have to ask for help in these situations, because alone we can collapse or fall into temptation, and to avoid that, ask for help.

Explain the situation and your difficulties, and ask the person to help you during these 3 days not to fall into temptation to look for the loved one.

4. Delete person memories

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it is necessary that you get rid of any souvenir that makes you think or remember the loved one, such as photos, portraits, clothes or personal objects.

This will help you and give your mind space to think about other different things, and it is important that they are not related to this person.

All actions mentioned so far must be done on the first day after deciding to forget the loved one, so that everything can work out.

5. Keep busy for 3 days

Your mind needs to be busy and thinking about different things, try to find out more at work, spend more time at the gym and look for a hobby.

Thus avoiding being alone and unoccupied. Having your mind busy with other activities will make you less likely to think about the person.

6. Make new friends

Having new friends will help you to have new visions and have a different life than you had before, and consequently you will think and act differently.

This will help a lot so you can follow a new path. New friends will talk to you all the time, and you won't miss them.

7. No social media

No more digging through the person's social media looking to see what they've posted or what's going on there.

Avoid seeing the person's status on whatsapp, facebook, instagram or any other social network. These things would only make you more depressed.

8. Be happy

Being happy is the remedy for any wound, invest in your well-being, in things that really make you feel good, stay firm on your long journey in the pursuit of happiness.

Happiness will make you feel that you don't need that loved one to move on with your life, much less to be happy with someone else.

After the 3 days have passed you will not only be well and happy, but you will have managed to get the person out of your mind.


There are several reasons that might want to make you forget a person you love, however you feel comfortable with the idea of ​​doing so.

Follow these tips and enjoy your new life without that person on your mind. Remember that this process may take longer, but don't give up.

We have reached the end of our article and we hope you enjoyed it and understood how to forget your loved one in 3 days with our guide.

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