Puppies are more likely to pull their father or mother

A dog's appearance may not be important to the parents, but it sure is to the owner. But do you see which puppies pull more from the father or the mother?

This type of doubt arises very frequently for breeders of these animals, who sometimes unite dog breeds in the expectation of seeing what the result will be.

Dogs, like humans, acquire the appearance of their parents, and the dominant gene wins.

Puppies are more likely to pull their father or mother

As with humans, it is impossible to determine who the child will like more, since it will depend on the genetics of both.

Puppies pull from the father as much as they pull from the mother, but in some cases they may pull more from the other, whichever has the strongest gene.

This process is so complete that even puppies born in the same litter can have different characteristics. That is, each can pull more on one side compared to the other pup.

That is, the dog that has the strongest gene will pass on more genes to the puppy. But it is also impossible to determine which one has the strongest gene.

There are many beliefs that say that puppies are more drawn to their mother. But then you strongly disagree, saying there is no way to know.

Do Puppies Behave Like Mom or Dad?

As we mentioned above, the process is the same for us humans. It is possible that the puppies do not pull the behavior of the mother or the father.

They can pull behavior from past generations. Just as a human child may no longer take after his father, nor may his mother take after his grandfather.

When dealing with a process that involves genetics, it is practically impossible to try to determine some characteristic of a puppy.

Because there are millions of combinations of twins that resulted in specific characteristics and behaviors depending on several factors.

How does the gene transfer process work?

A dog breeder has the power to create a dog with the temperament traits he wants.

All they have to do is breed two dogs of the same breed and they will take on the traits and temperament of the parents.

If the puppy becomes an adult and is also crossed with your breed type, your puppy will also possess the temperamental traits of the original breed. This can continue for subsequent generations.

Therefore, in order to preserve a certain breed of dogs, it is important to make crosses between pure breeds, this is how you can guarantee that the puppies do not suffer any alteration in their DNA.

Conclusion about puppies pull more from the father or mother

We believe that you have understood this article and understood that there is no way to know who the dog will take after.

But just like humans, the dog will take a lot more from one of its parents.

We have reached the end of this article We hope that you have understood and liked our explanation and that it has been very useful.

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