Creative ways to say I love you on whatsapp

Declaring your love to your loved one may seem like the simplest thing, so much so that sometimes it can be difficult to find creative ways to say you love someone on WhatsApp.

There are countless ways to show your feelings using this platform. We want to show you the most creative and least used ones to not only express your feelings, but to impact your love.

Don't worry, it won't be complicated, the only thing you need to have on hand is a cell phone and your love's contact number to say I love you on WhatsApp.

Creative ways to say I love you on whatsapp

To implement these creative ways of saying I love you on WhatsApp, you need good ideas, being very romantic/and paying attention to the content and words you want to use or the tips.

Thank God WhatsApp has several settings that help us and make it much easier when it comes to communicating. And they are a great way to diversify the way we want to show our love for someone.

Below we present the creative ways to say I love you on WhatsApp, check it out:

1. Posting a statement on status 

WhatsApp status is the app interaction hall to use it is a great way to reach a larger audience including your loved one.

Share a photo in which you are together or he alone, a photo that is beautiful and of good quality. Say the most sincere and beautiful words that exist in your heart how much you love him.

2. Recording romantic audio

Although it's embarrassing to stand in front of a screen declaring yourself, know that it's one of the most beautiful things. And worthy of doing, in addition to expressing what you feel, it demonstrates your effort and courage.

This audio can be done talking, singing a song, this is a very original and creative way to express yourself in front of someone you love on WhatsApp.

3. Put your photo in the profile

Even though it was created to identify us as users and account owners in this application, at some point we can use our profile to exalt love.

Whether on a special day or any other day, put a photo of the person we love on our profile, accompanied by a biography that declares how much we love them, it is so beautiful and true.

4. Sending a romantic message

Send a message saying that you love someone maybe it doesn't sound creative to you, because it's the fastest way and that everyone uses to do that, that's where you're wrong.

The way you compose this message dictates creativity at this point, be bold, use different emotions, fonts and symbols. To improve the look of a regular text and ensure it sends a different message of love.

5. Sending a romantic song

The songs of our favorite singers or anyone else besides cheering us up are a very delicate and sure way of showing attention and love for someone.

Select a letter that says exactly what you feel or that at least comes close to what you want to say to your love and send it with a heart.


These tips that we show you are the most creative and unusual that anyone could share. Use the ones you really love and think deserve to hear those words from you.

Talking about love is the most beautiful thing, so don't be shy about opening up. Good luck!

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