Mental triggers seduction whatsapp

The mental triggers for seduction on WhatsApp aim to create an interest in the person so that they start to be interested in us.

These mental triggers, if applied correctly and at the right time, can guarantee you a perfect seduction technique, winning over the person.

To help with this process, we separate the best mental seduction triggers to use directly on your WhatsApp with anyone you want. This article is for both men and women.

Mental triggers seduction WhatsApp

To conquer a person, we can use the mental triggers or the sentimental triggers. But when it comes to a WhatsApp seduction, mental triggers are the best.

The use of triggers must be accompanied by a lot of patience, as they are methods that can take a little more time, but that most of the time always work.

Below we list the best mental triggers that you should use when trying to seduce a person via WhatsApp, you can use all or some of the triggers. Check out the full list.

1. Social Trigger

The social trigger works not only on WhatsApp, but it works in any situation. This trigger consists of creating social proof to show the person that you are important to other people.

That is, people are influenced by the idea that if other people like something, they must like it too. If everyone is using an iPhone, then so am I.

Showing the person that you have other people in your life will make them want to be with you too. Yeah, if all women like to be with you, it means you have something special.

On WhatsApp this can be used by posting status while in the company of other women. Making it clear that it's just your friends and your friends. This will make the person interested in you.

2. Trigger of reciprocity

The mental trigger for seduction and reciprocity works by creating the idea that you and the person have many things in common, that you do the same things or that you like the same things in general.

You have to discover the things that the person likes through their other social networks such as Facebook, tiktok and Instagram. During conversations with the person, mention the fact that you like these things.

Like mentioning that you like the same football team, or the same actress. This trigger will make the person have the idea that there are things in common between you and generate interest.

3. Trigger of happiness

The mental trigger of Happiness works by creating the idea that you are a good-natured, fun person who knows how to enjoy life very well.

People like to be with people who convey happiness, and you can show that through our conversations by being an open person.

And also using WhatsApp status to post photos in your moments of pure fun and happiness, generating interest in the person wanting to go out with you.

4. Occupation trigger

The occupation trigger in WhatsApp works by creating the idea that you are a busy person and that you have things to do or that you have other people to talk to.

  • For this trigger to work you must not reply to the person's messages too quickly.
  • Avoid sending very long messages, which may give the impression of time to write.
  • Don't send too many messages in a row, only send one message at a time.
  • In some moments you already wake up the conversation, instead of always being the person to cut.

5. Trigger of disinterest

The disinterest trigger works by showing the person that you are not interested in them. People are attracted to people who don't show much interest.

Showing interest is one of the worst ways to try to seduce a person. When noticing your interest, she will notice that time is about you.

  • Avoid sending a ton of compliments;
  • Avoid demonstrated sentimentality

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