After two months, I want to share my experience with hair botox treatment and my findings for the main questions I had before, such as: Is the treatment safe on curly hair?

Will it control my frizz? Did it damage my hair more? Would I do this treatment again? Before and after of that procedure.

There I was again, in the land of ruined hair, a place I go to now because I can't stop, won't stop bleaching.

However, most of my damage is in the upper short layers this time around, so resorting to a good ol' cut was not my best choice.

Hair Botox before and after curly hair

Hair Botox before and after curly hair
Hair Botox before and after curly hair

Hair Botox is formaldehyde-free and packed with an essential deep conditioning treatment that coats hair fibers with a filler such as amino acids. Hair Botox before and after curly hair see more pictures:

Olaplex on Twitter: "GET YOUR CURLS BACK! Before/After of a 30 min Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment & foundation cut by @SouthernCurlAtl." / Twitter

The treatment fills in any damaged or thin areas on each hair strand to make hair look smooth, full and shiny.

The effects of hair Botox should last between 2 to 4 months, although the exact time frame varies from person to person. For aftercare, you should use a low-sulfate or sulfate-free shampoo to preserve results.

How is hair Botox treatment applied?

My hairdresser started the treatment with a shampoo to open the hair cuticles and prepare the strands for conditioning.

After that she dried 80% of my hair and then applied the botox treatment as a mask massaging the product from root to tip. The treatment is left on the hair for 45 minutes.

Remarkable: There was no burning or itching during or after treatment.

Then she rinsed off the product before drying and straightening my hair with a flat iron. The results of Botox hair treatment are seen immediately after drying the hair.

Right after the treatment, my hair felt soft but heavy. Also, I couldn't notice any other improvements until my first wash.

Remarkable; A few days after my hair botox treatment, I traveled to the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. There, I was able to test the effectiveness of smoothing and frizz control in a hot, humid environment.

One of the unwanted effects of aging on your mane is that it starts to lose fullness and elasticity. The treatment is called hair botox, because just like your skin, it fills the hair fibers to make it smoother and reduce frizz.

In the process of doing this, the texture of your hair is also smoothed, adding lots of texture and shine for a shiny finish. Sounds a lot like a certain popular hair treatment that does a similar job? let's clear things up

What is Botox Hair Treatment?


Unlike the keratin and cysteine ​​treatments, hair botox is a treatment of deep conditioning no formaldehyde and no chemical.

The process involves coating the surface of the hair with less harmful compounds to help fight frizz and improve the appearance of dull, damaged hair. 

This means that while hair botox offers some straightening benefits, it is not on par with pure straightening treatments. But it helps to rebuild thin broken and thick areas in your hair fibers to make them voluminous and soft.

How does hair botox treatment work?

Hair botox treatments do not have a standard formula. Some of the popularly known compounds used for the same are proteins, peptides. Amino acids, vitamin B5, vitamins, collagen complex and lipids.

They are combined with many other conditioning agents to 'turn back time' on your mane. The mixture of ingredients and the process involved work as a filler for hair fiber fall, hence the name 'botox'.

A single session can give you silkier, shinier, younger looking hair (with less damage); making it one of the most sought after hair treatments today.

What to expect from a typical hair botox treatment?

If you've decided to have a hair botox treatment, here's what you can expect from a typical session:

1. Step 01 : Your hair will be washed to get rid of dirt, grime and oil buildup on your scalp. A clarifying shampoo will be used to cleanse the hair of any serum residue from leave-in treatments and open the hair cuticles. 

Washing the hair is not followed by a conditioner to prepare a squeaky clean base for the treatment.

2. Step 02: your towel-dried hair will be sectioned and the botox treatment will be applied from root to tip. The treatment is left on for about 45 minutes, after which a gentle hair cleanser and sulphate-free is used to wash it.

3. Step 03: After shampooing the treatment, the hair is dried first, then heat-smoothed to help seal the treatment into the fibers of your hair. Some salons can dry and straighten the hair without washing it to facilitate a deeper and more intense action.

While there are at-home hair botox treatments available for purchase, it is always recommended to go to the salon to have it professionally done and to avoid damaging your hair.

How to take care of hair with botox?

How to take care of hair with botox?


While hair botox treatment is not chemical in nature, the heat straightening step can cause some damage. Here are some of the ways to take better care of your hair with botox and make the effects last:

1. Be sure to use a sulfate-free, silicone-free and paraben-free hair cleanser. Always follow with a conditioner to keep any kind of dryness at bay.

2. Do a hair mask session conditioning once a week and use a repairing formula to help reverse the daily environmental damage done to strands. 

Use a shampoo comb to evenly distribute the mask from root to tip.

3. Reduce day-to-day heat styling to keep your strands healthy. When you comb your hair, use a heat protectant spray to reduce damage and follow with a leave-in treatment afterwards.

4. Cover your hair with a silk scarf when going out in the rain. Style your hair in protective styles while you sleep at night to reduce friction at the roots and strands.

5. Get regular hair botox treatments (2-3 years are recommended) to help keep hair looking nourished.