Man disguises when he likes

A man's feelings for someone go beyond what we can see, many times a man disguises himself when he likes someone, so as not to be misunderstood.

Sometimes shyness and the fact of not knowing how to approach someone make some men hide it when they like it, but this fact cannot be generalized.

Throughout the article, we will tell you about some reasons that lead men to hide it when they like someone.

Man disguises when he likes

Most men disguise when they like it for fear of saying they feel it and being rejected, ending up hiding their feelings by disguising it.

O man disguises yes when he likes someone, but it is not always that he acts this way. It is not widespread because men differ from each other.

As a general rule men are not very revealing as soon as they fall in love or like someone. First they do a study on the person and only then move forward.

We want to tell you below some reasons why men choose to hide it when they like someone:

1. Lack of knowledge about her

Love at first sight also exists for men, but there are few times that men show that they like someone out of nowhere, this process usually takes some time.

They always try to find out about them, it's like having a technical sheet. Knowing details about his life if it really fulfills his needs and finally he gains courage and reveals himself.

2. Shyness

The personality of each man can indeed influence this aspect, shy men are usually very secretive about their feelings, they rarely manage to show that they like someone.

But shyness cannot be a barrier when love is to live one way or another, things always fall into place and feelings speak louder.

3. Opportunity search

You know that exchange of glances at the party, smiles and a long conversation can be too hectic or inopportune to talk about feelings.

Most of the time men look for a good opportunity to talk about their feelings. And create a pleasant and romantic atmosphere to demonstrate and talk about your feelings.


Men act in very different ways when they like someone, the way they react is often influenced by their behavior and personality.

But don't worry if you suspect a man likes you and you think he's hiding it. Don't worry that when you least expect it, the truth will somehow come to light.

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