man likes contempt

Being despised is one of the worst feelings a person can feel, causing their self-esteem to be affected.

As strange as it is, it can be hard to believe that some people like to be snubbed. But there are situations where this might be acceptable.

For Today we are going to talk about a subject that generates a lot of controversy among people, which is whether or not men like to be despised.

Let's try to understand in this article, what is the impact of contempt in the head of a man and how they deal with this complicated situation.

man likes contempt

For young people, being despised is the same as being ignored. We already talked in another article about what the man thinks when he is ignored.

Yes, man likes contempt, but to some extent and Depending on how it will be applied, that is, better not to overdo it with the dose.

Men, when they feel despised, end up doing everything to be able to show that they are worthy, that is, the instinct of a man comes into play.

Making him do everything to prove to you that he is the right man for you. It's like a mission for him.

But if this mission lasts too long, he might end up giving up. That is, he will endure being despised for a certain time by the woman.

And if this contempt continues for much longer, he may end up simply giving up chasing the woman.

When someone despises us, the thing we most want to do is show them our value. The same goes for men who are despised.

How to despise a man

Women are generally known to apply the disinterest technique. Where she appears not to be interested simply to make him chase after her.

Man likes contempt when it makes him want more. Like for example.

  • Deny going out with him a few times.
  • Taking hours to reply to his messages
  • Make fun of talking to him
  • Be silent after he asked a question

Like the aforementioned technique, everything has a certain limit. Being that to some extent he can end up getting irritated to the extreme or simply losing interest.


When despising a man, you have to be careful and before that you have to consider that he may not be the type of man who likes to be despised.

Just don't exaggerate the contempt, the man may like having to run after you, because for him it will be an achievement to get your attention

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