Man mistreating wife with words

Many men believe that you can only mistreat a wife physically, but what few know is that it is also possible to mistreat a woman with words.

Whether it's mistreating his wife physically or mistreating his wife with words, the pain it causes will be the same in both situations.

Today we are going to talk about the man who mistreats the wife verbally, pointing out signs and telling her what to do in these situations.

Man mistreating wife with words

When a man mistreats his wife with words, he is violating her rights and she should not shut up and accept this behavior, having to first seek help from family, friends and in some cases even the police, before things get worse.

We all argue from time to time. Sometimes we lose our cool and scream, but nothing that is purposely. It's all part of human behavior. But verbal abuse is not normal, because everything has a limit.

Many women make the mistake of accepting their husband's mistreatment and thinking that everything will pass. On the contrary, he begins to criticize, mock and use rude words even more often.

Tolerating your husband's insults is the worst thing you can do in this situation. You can ignore the insults of some unimportant people, but when it comes to the husband, tolerance is something you should strongly avoid.

Signs of abuse with words the wife

When he has these behaviors, it is a sign that you are facing a case of verbal violence, in which the man mistreats his wife with words.

  • Your husband insults you or tries to humiliate you. Then he accuses you of being overly sensitive or saying it was a joke.
  • Your husband often yells at you.
  • Everything for him is your fault, nothing you do he likes.
  • He calls you offensive names
  • Your husband bangs on the wall, clenches his fists, or throws things at you.

What to do when a man mistreats his wife with words

When you find yourself being abused with words, try to focus on getting help as soon as possible. Below we list the things you should do in this situation.

If the idea of ​​professional counseling is difficult, talk to a pastor at church, a family member or a good friend, or ask a neighbor for help.

  • Seek support from family and friends who can support you in resolving the problem. – talk to them about what is going on and how you are feeling.
  • Talk to your husband about his hurtful words and let him know that this behavior is unacceptable to you. – Set limits on what you will or will not accept in a relationship, making it clear that you can leave him for that.
  • Leaving the marriage or relationship (when nothing else helps) – If you make this decision, hire a lawyer familiar with domestic violence, stay in close contact with your support system.

What not to do in this situation

Most women take the easy way out, which is to simply shut up and put up with all the abuse. But this is the worst path to choose.

  • Don't accept that this is normal and don't let it happen again in the future. Make a decision if he doesn't change.
  • Do not conflict with your husband. If your husband gets angry, stay calm, walk away and don't give him a reaction, as it will only get worse.
  • Don't blame yourself for your husband's behavior, his bad behavior is his choice.
  • Don't stay in a relationship with someone who is hurting you no matter how you feel.
  • Don't Ignore Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Instincts.


Verbal violence is already considered one of the forms of domestic violence, and is punished under the law, all women victims of violence of any kind must say no to this act.

Husbands who mistreat their wives with words must be punished and made aware of the correct way to care for and treat their wives.

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