Man who does not kiss on the mouth what reason

One of the things we do most when we're in a relationship is certainly kissing, but when that doesn't happen or rarely, it becomes a concern.

What would lead a person not to kiss on the mouth within a relationship. It would be difficult to try to find causes to explain these situations.

But today, we're going to go deep, to explain why a man who doesn't kiss in the mouth and how you can try to solve this situation.

Man who does not kiss on the mouth what reason

The reason that most leads a man not to kiss on the lips it's not thinking that the kiss is something important or because he simply doesn't feel pleasure when kissing.

The kiss doesn't just mean love, he can love you and still not kiss you because he doesn't think it's important or that it makes a difference.

It may be strange for a woman, but know that this is completely normal, as some people don't like the same things that most people like.

It is possible to find men or women who don't like to make love, even though we know they love it. Everyone has their own way of being.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, there are other reasons that can lead a man not to kiss you on the mouth, and we will mention them now.

  1. He doesn't care about kisses

    As we said above, the most common reason why a man doesn't kiss on the mouth is that he doesn't think it's important, maybe he kisses from time to time.

  2. He doesn't know how to kiss

    It might have to be weird, but there are a lot of people who don't know how to kiss. And this could be one of the reasons why a man might not kiss you on the mouth.

    It could be that he hasn't had as many kissing experiences, and with that he doesn't know how to kiss. Usually in this case he can be nervous at the time of the kiss.

  3. He is afraid to kiss

    For many people, kissing can be something extremely simple and easy to do, but for other people, it can be kind of complicated.

    He may be afraid that you won't like his kiss or that he'll do something wrong during the kiss, like biting you.

  4. He does not love you

    Kissing a person is also an act of love, which may explain why a man doesn't kiss you on the mouth.

    It could be that he doesn't feel love for you and that's why he doesn't feel like kissing you. Because to kiss a person, sometimes there has to be love involved.

  5. He didn't like your kiss

    It could also be that the man doesn't kiss you because he didn't like your kiss for some reason. Maybe he doesn't get as much pleasure from his kisses.

    But in this case, it doesn't mean that you are a bad kisser, he just might not have liked your kind of kiss.

  6. you are a bad kisser

    In this case, it's not that he didn't like your kiss, it's just that you're a bad kisser and for that reason he doesn't kiss you on the mouth.

    To find out if this is the reason or not, you should analyze your kiss to find out if it could be that you are a bad kisser.

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