Start a whatsapp conversation with an unknown girl

Today we prepared a special guide to teach you how to start a whatsapp conversation with an unknown girl and some more examples.

If your goal is to conquer this girl, we can help you to get her attention, and get her a chance to be your girlfriend.

But it's always good to remember that it won't always work out, it will depend on many factors and her interest in you. We're just going to help start the conversation.

How to start a whatsapp conversation with an unknown girl

The first thing you should know about the process of getting a whatsapp girl is that it's not just you who is tempted.

Lots of other guys are trying to win her over. But don't be discouraged. We'll give you good tips that will help you through the process.

Follow all our tips and don't do anything predictable that other men do. She is already sick of these common techniques.

prepare your profile

Many men start a conversation with an unknown girl without even having a profile picture. That's asking to be blocked.

How is she going to trust a total stranger with no identity? Solve this by following the points below.

  • Have a picture of yourself in your profile that shows your face clearly.
  • Put your real name on whatsapp.

With those two points ready, you have to have an answer ready, as she will ask where you got her number. And you will have to be sincere.

Be sincere and direct

A lot of guys make the mistake of starting a conversation with a simple message like “Hello, how are you?” If she doesn't know you, you run the risk of being ignored.

  • "Hello Sanya. My name is Marcos. (say where you got her number). I think you're a nice woman, if it's not too much trouble, can we create a friendship?"
  • "Hello Sanya. My name is Marcos. I hope I don't bother you, but I wish I could talk to you, that's all.. "
  • "Hello Sanya, My name is Carlos. (say where you got her number) You seemed like an interesting person, want to talk?

In this approach, you'll draw her attention straight to you, and she'll respond to you without hesitation. Women like sincere men.

Saying her name demonstrates that at least you know her name, and mentioning yours will build her confidence without her having to ask.

After she answers, you can ask how she is, what he's doing. Below we list some questions you can ask her afterwards, and more than 1000 subjects to talk on whatsapp.

  • Are you having a good day?
  • Hope you're having a good day, what are you doing?
  • Thank you, I'm very happy to have the chance to meet you.
  • How lucky I was, you are here to talk to you.

If she doesn't show interest, it's best to be polite and apologize, “Sorry to bother you. I just wanted more people to talk to, nothing more. But I understand, have a nice day.”

Be funny but don't overdo it

Women like men who know how to make them laugh, and once you start the conversation with her and you've already asked the basic questions, you can add some humor.

At this point it's time to send some jokes, so that she takes a smile and becomes more relaxed in talking to you. See the sentences below.

  • Finally someone who wants to talk to me. hahahaha
  • I've been trying to reach you for a long time and I finally got it.
  • Your profile picture is very beautiful. Where did you manage to steal so much beauty?

try to be her friend

Most men make the mistake of trying to conquer a whatsapp girl right away. Which causes them to be ignored, or blocked right away.

You need to gain her trust and intimacy first, and only then build interest in her. Patience is very important at this point.

Don't be a boot licker

Filling a woman with promises, filling her with compliments, sending messages all the time, answering all her statuses, sending flirtations, filling her with emojis.

They are the worst things you can do when trying to start and maintain a whatsapp conversation with a girl. Don't call her nicknames (cat, princess...), always by her name.

But why is this not a good idea? Because all men do that, and she'll realize right away that you're just another one trying your luck and you'll be discarded.

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