Instagram temporarily blocked for phishing

Phishing is the most popular way to hack Instagram accounts because, according to the attackers themselves, it's the easiest!

They simply create a fake login page that looks like the “real” Instagram, with the aim of tricking the user and stealing their information.

What is phishing on instagram

Instagram phishing is when you enter your Instagram username and password on a fake website or a fraudulent website that tries to look like the real Instagram website.

Instagram phishing is a scam carried out by sending a Direct Message or a phishing email, masquerading as an official Instagram message, with your login information attached.

It may have been someone else who used your instagram access data on some malicious website.

How long does instagram account get blocked for phishing

When your account is blocked for phishing, it can be blocked indefinitely, that is, until you do something your account may not come back.

Instagram will always send you an email when it has some information to help recover your instagram or resolve the situation.

Go to your email and look for emails from Instagram, and see if you received any information to resolve the issue.

How to unlock instagram temporarily blocked by phishing

If you or someone else has entered your username or password into a strange link, you should take immediate action to recover your account.

To unblock an account temporarily blocked by phishing, you must send an email to the instagram team denouncing that you were a victim of phishing, and say which account is blocked, to this email [email protected].

The second way to unlock your account is to send your identity to instagram, to confirm that the account is real and that it is yours.

  1. Access this help page.
  2. Fill in the form with all the requested data.
  3. type the exact email address linked to your Instagram account that you are trying to recover.
  4. Enter your @Instagram username and your phone number.
  5. Explain that your account was hacked and blocked for phishing
  6. upload a photo of yourself holding your ID card.
  7. Once everything is filled out, submit the form.

Instagram will send you an email with the next steps on how to proceed to get your account back.

  1. change your password

    If you can still log into the account, you should protect it by changing your password and disconnecting devices that you don't own.

    To do this, just go to the instagram settings and change the old password to the new password.

  2. I can't log into the account

    If you can't access the account and your username or password doesn't work, come below how to recover the account.

  • Access the instagram link
  • Choose the option of “My account was hacked"
  • Then enter your username, or your email, or your number

Instagram will send you to a help page to solve your problem.

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