Thanksgiving to God for Water Baptism

Below we list the best Thank You Messages to God for water baptism, so that you can show all your gratitude to God.

Baptism represents our greatest connection with the Lord, it purifies us, just as Jesus was baptized in the waters of the Jordan River.

We must always thank God for all our achievements in life, not leaving aside this sacred moment that seals our connection with God.

Thanksgiving to God for Water Baptism

Always remember with great joy the date of your baptism and constantly thank God for all that was given to you on the day of your baptism in the evangelical waters.

So that you can show your thanks to God for the baptism, we have separated some messages and finally a prayer so that you can pray in thanks to God.

  1. Today I feel like a new person, I feel liberated, I feel blessed. Thank you God for renewing me in the waters of baptism.
  2. Dear God. Thank you for the wonderful gifts of salvation and the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Words are insufficient to express my gratitude! Thank you, God.
  3. Thank you my God for providing me with this unique experience in my life. I have no words to describe the size of my eternal gratitude.
  4. Just as your beloved son Jesus was baptized in the waters of the Jordan River, today this gift fell on me. I feel honored to experience this sacred moment.
  5. Thank you my God for my baptism. I promise to follow all the teachings entrusted to me. Thank you God for this wonderful moment.
  6. It is a great time to be able to serve you, my lord, and today I feel like a son who is making the Father proud. Thank you for the gift of my baptism in purified waters.
  7. Today more than ever I feel you closer to me, oh my beloved God. Thank you for being with me on my baptism day and for accepting me as your child.
  8. With Baptism we become Children of God, a God who is our Father, who wants to see us by his side enjoying heavenly gifts. Thank you, God.
  9. At the moment of Jesus' Baptism, Heaven opened and God the Father spoke with his greatest power. In our Baptism, it is our heart that opens to the charity that comes from God. Thank you God for my Baptism.
  10. With Baptism, our spirit is strengthened and at the same time we begin to see more clearly what is fair, good and wise. Thank you God for purifying me in the waters.

Prayer of Thanksgiving to God for Water Baptism

“Dear God, that one day you presented your son in the Jordan River to be baptized, we thank you, because one day you also brought us to the baptismal font to receive the water of life.

On the day of baptism, God made us his children and heirs of his Kingdom. That day you welcomed us as members of the Church. The Lord has given us a great family: that of all Christian brothers and sisters.

On that day, God blotted out our sins and invited us to always be good. On that day, you also gained a new child; and you gave me permission to call you: Father!

On this day God gave us the best of gifts: the grace of Jesus Christ, his beloved Son and my older brother.

On the day of my baptism, you entrusted me with the light of your Spirit, so that my life may shine and I may not walk in darkness.

Thank you Father, thank you Jesus Christ, thank you Holy Spirit, because today I was baptized in water in your name. Amen”

May the blessing of Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, descend upon me and remain with me forever. Amen."


First we quote the best messages to thank the Lord for your baptism. And then a strong and powerful prayer of thanks as well.

We have reached the end of our article and we hope you enjoyed the message of thanks to God for water baptism.

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