my husband looks for me every day

Many of our readers have sent us messages asking about how to deal with the situation of “My husband looks for me every day”

Making love is part of what we do as people. Being something that gives us a lot of pleasure, having numerous benefits to physical and mental health.

But when done too often, it can become exhausting for both people. But in some cases, our partner seems like he's made of iron and won't stop wanting.

Today you will learn more about how to deal with this situation, and to what extent this can be normal or harmful to you, or your relationship.

my husband looks for me every day

This situation is mostly linked to your husband's addiction issues, which makes him look for you every day.

Your husband looks for you every day because he enjoys you, you satisfy him as a man and he wants you very much.

But you should try to find out why he has this behavior, it could be for pleasure, that he is addicted or because of a health problem.

There are a whole host of reasons why your husband may want to do every day. Here, we look at some practical and emotional reasons why he wants you so much.

1. Your husband experiences excessive cravings

Your husband wants it every day because he feels an uncontrollable desire for you, which leaves him always full of desires to be with you.

This can happen not only due to addiction issues, but also because you are a great source of pleasure for him.

Only your husband knows what he feels whenever he's with you, and he may want to feel that way more often than is perhaps normal.

2. Your husband is an addict

Your husband may be addicted to doing this, and he can't control this addiction he has, making him want to look for you every day.

Many men unfortunately suffer from sexual addictions, either by their own nature or psychological issues. And who cannot control desire and will.

Usually difficult situations are accompanied with arguments if the wife refuses to satisfy him. There are also signs that he is always attached to his wife.

3. He wants relief

Many men use sex as a way to relieve problems and try to reduce stress. As some men do when they drink alcohol.

Your husband may want it every day as a way to reduce his stress, especially if he has a stressful job.

By doing this almost every day, it's a way for him to get relief from the problems and everything he's been through.

Your husband may not be aware of what is going on and think that doing it every day is not a problem.

What to Do When My Husband Calls Me Every Day

In case you don't want to do it every day, because it bothers you, the best thing would be talk to your husband, to explain the situation.

Explain to him that you enjoy making love to him, but that you get tired and need to rest sometimes. Surely he will understand.

Try to talk to him when he is calm, and you have to be as sincere as possible so that he understands that he is exaggerating.

But if that doesn't bother you, you can ignore it. But at least you already know that this behavior is normal to happen and even has some benefits for your relationship.


It's always good to remember that if you are already suffering some kind of emotional or physical blackmail so that they can do it every day.

You need to know that this practice is wrong and that you cannot accept this type of situation. There always needs to be respect first.

We have reached the end of our article and we hope you enjoyed it and understood how to deal with this situation where your husband looks for you every day.

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