Double chin, double chin, excess skin, fat located under the chin… no matter the name!

The double chin bothers a lot of people out there and that's why today we're going to bring you an option that offers a really effective result for this dreaded problem. The ultraformer.

But how does this treatment work in these cases? What does it do to our body that makes the double chin disappear? Is the effectiveness real? How is the before and after?

Microfocused ultrasound before and after

Microfocused ultrasound before and after
Microfocused ultrasound before and after

The Ultraformer, which is a microfocused ultrasound, can be the ideal solution for those who are looking to solve the problem of double chin, especially if you don't want to go through a surgical procedure to get rid of it!

Calm! We will bring this and other very important information to you. But, first of all, how about understanding a little about what the double chin is and how it appears?

Contrary to what many people think, double chin is not caused only by excess weight. Although this is a predominant factor for the emergence, there are some others responsible for it. Check out each of them below:

weight fluctuations

The accordion effect, in which there are constant weight fluctuations, ends up generating the appearance of double chin. This happens because these changes in our body end up causing the skin to lose its rigidity, favoring its sagging.


Excess weight, although not the only reason, is one of them and contributes to the appearance of double chin due to the accumulation of fat in the region below the chin.


We can't help it, so it's important to consider that double chin is normal. Aging is one of the main causes of the appearance of double chin, because our skin loses its vitality over time and, consequently, sagging appears.

Is it possible to avoid it?

As you saw earlier, double chin has two main causes: the loss of sagging skin and the accumulation of fat.

Although there are some crazy tips out there, such as chewing gum to exercise the muscles of the face or sleeping with a pillow higher than normal, it is important to understand that only one attitude will prevent the appearance of double chin: the self care.

Taking care of health is paramount to avoid any kind of problem and stay beautiful! So we have two tips essential so you don't have (or at the very least slow down) this problem:

avoid constant weight fluctuations (whether losing weight or gaining weight all the time) and apply sunscreen. Thus, you can prevent your skin from losing muscle tone, preventing sagging and, consequently, the appearance of double chin.

Now, if you are already dealing with this problem and trying to find the ideal solution, let's understand now how Ultraformer can help you!

Eliminate double chin without plastic surgery!

If you're one of those people who hears the word “surgery” and wants to run, you'll be glad to know how the Ultraformer works for the double chin.

known as the uncut facelift, o microfocused ultrasound is already known to several celebrities for solving the problem of sagging on the face. And as this is one of the main causes of the appearance of double chin, it seems like the ideal treatment!

But anyone who thinks that double chin caused by fat accumulation cannot be resolved with this treatment is wrong. Check below how Ultraformer works in each of these cases.


Sagging is already a well-known problem for Ultraformer and it works in exactly the same way as when the treatment is done on the face.

Through a superficial tip, it acts with a tensor effect, generating an inflammatory process in a superficial layer of the skin known as SMAS, which causes a repositioning of the muscle.

In addition, this process stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, generating an amazing result!

Generally, in cases where the double chin is due to sagging, just one session is ideal for solving the problem.

And the fat?

When the problem is caused by the accumulation of fat, the process is a little different.

In these cases, it is necessary to use a slightly deeper pointer, so that it is possible to reach the fat cells. In a process of overheating, which reaches up to 70 ºC, these fat deposits die.

After treatment, our immune system does a kind of "cleaning" in the body, eliminating these dead cells and, finally, leaving the chin smaller.

For the treatment of double chin caused by the accumulation of fat, three sessions are usually indicated (one every month) and, as it happens, the tips decrease, to also treat the sagging that is caused by fat.


But, before you get super happy and go looking for the Ultraformer to treat the double chin, you need to understand that the treatment is not painless. Although it's nothing compared to the pain and invasion caused by plastic surgery.