My dog ​​crossed how to avoid puppies

Dogs are man's best friend and taking care of them is one of their owners' greatest joys. Your dog crossed and wants to know how to avoid puppies, keep reading our article.

Maternity for animals respects a different order than that of humans, dogs have a certain period to be able to get pregnant.

If your dog is in heat and has crossed with a dog and you want to know how to avoid puppies, know that there is an effective method to prevent her from having puppies.

My dog ​​crossed how to avoid puppies

If your dog has bred, the only way to avoid puppies is through an abortion, the interruption is safe and must be done in the presence of a veterinarian.

The treatment used for the abortion is anti-hormonal and safe for your dog, and is comfortable. But after it has been carried out, the dog must be prevented from having other crusades.

To prevent your female dog from mating again, you must treat her to prevent her from going into heat again. This treatment is also done by a veterinarian.

Advantages of abortion to avoid puppies

Since this is the only way to prevent your dog from having puppies, check below the advantages of doing this procedure.

  • Anti-hormones have the advantage of not altering reproductive capacity.
  • This procedure does not interfere in any way with the long-term reproduction of the dog. After the passing of this heat she will be able to get pregnant in the future without problems.
  • Her owner must remain vigilant and opt for castration if she does not want her dog to become pregnant again.
  • The recovery period is very short and without many procedures.

Symptoms after miscarriage

After your dog's abortion procedure, she will show some symptoms and don't be alarmed, they are normal symptoms and should not be a cause for concern for you.

  • The bitch licks the genital area frequently and gradually ingests the removed tissues.
  • It presents an intense and consistent vaginal discharge.
  • You may be depressed or have no appetite for a few days.
  • Get excited for no reason and weird crying spells (altered mood).

Ways to avoid pregnancy in the future

If you want to prevent your dog from conceiving again in the future, you can opt for the treatment mentioned below, which can be very useful.

Castration: Neutering the dog is not only an effective way to prevent pregnancy when you decide not to raise puppies at home.

If the dog runs away and manages to mate with a dog, it is a way to prevent the development of a possible pregnancy and preserve your dog's health.


Many dog ​​breeders have these animals for company and without any desire to have a family of dogs, making the dog not to have puppies.

It is common for this type of situation to happen, but for that we already guarantee you the best solutions and we hope that they will be very useful to you.

And in this way you can control your animal's reproductive health and improve its quality of life. Never try to do any procedure on your own, as it could cost your dog her life.

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