Creative names for the underwear store

Opening an Underwear store is one of the best and most creative profitable business ideas right now.

Women, including men, like to be very comfortable, starting with their underwear.

But for the success of a underwear, is not only selling quality products, but the name also has a great impact.

To help you with that, we've prepared a list of the best and most creative names for an intimate fashion store.

Creative names for the underwear store

The name of your underwear store should be short, simple and easy to remember. So that people can be able to remember the name of the store and recommend it to others.

Below we list the best names, handpicked, so that you have the best options for names available on the internet.

  1. The House of Lingerie
  2. Sweet Dreams
  3. intimate details
  4. angel's touch
  5. intimate place
  6. My cat
  7. Sexy Roposa
  8. queen lingerie
  9. sexy fashion
  10. comfortable and sexy
  11. intimate touch
  12. woman's touch
  13. Anna Sui Lingerie
  14. Chantelle
  15. Catinho Intimo
  16. LingieX
  17. beautiful silhouette
  18. Luxury Intimate
  19. Seductive Collection
  20. intimate power
  21. beautiful sexy
  22. IntimacyX
  23. Underwear by + your name
  24. sexy luxury
  25. luxury lingerie
  26. Victoria's Lingerie
  27. Intimacy etc
  28. Intimate etc
  29. Paradise Lingerie
  30. chic boutique
  31. camille lingerie
  32. intimate lingerie
  33. Lingerie Plus
  34. fox club
  35. FoxX
  36. pantiesX
  37. Kalcinhas – The Paradise of Panties
  38. boutique secrets
  39. luxury lingerie

We finally reached the end of our list, we hope you liked the names for the underwear store prepared for our team.


These are the best names for intimate fashion stores that we found available on the internet.

Feel free to choose one of them or even get inspired with our list of names.

Remember to make a well thought out choice, so you can choose the best among so many good names mentioned above man.

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