Best elephant names + Meanings

Naming a new pet elephant can be more difficult than actually bringing it home, as elephant name ideas are hard to come up with!

Fortunately, today we bring you a list of names the size of an elephant, which will certainly inspire you in your choice of name for your elephant.

best elephant names

The elephant names listed below, are organized into two categories, and have the meaning along with each elephant name.

Below we list several names that we can suggest for your elephant, whether they are males, females or calves, we are sure you will find an appropriate name.

  1. Berry (of Old English origin), which the meaning of 'grape-shaped fruit'.
  2. Bubble (of Middle Dutch origin), which the meaning of 'small water vesicle'.
  3. floppy (of Old English origin), which the meaning of 'inclined to fail'.
  4. Lucky (of Middle Dutch origin), meaning 'happiness, good luck'.
  5. Mel (of English origin), abbreviation of Melvin, meaning 'gentle sir'; (of Latin origin), short for Melanie, which the meaning of 'dark'.
  6. Mouse (of Middle English origin), which the meaning of 'small rodent'.
  7. Peanut (of Turkic origin), which the meaning of 'bark'.
  8. Silly (of Old English origin), which the meaning of 'happy, fortuitous, prosperous'.
  9. Tiny (of Middle English origin), which means 'very small'.
  10. Trumpet (Old French in origin), which means 'proclaim, extol'.

female elephant names

  1. Buttercup (name of Latin origin), which means 'little frog'.
  2. Daisy (Old English name of origin), which means 'eye of the day'.
  3. Ella (name of Greek origin), which means 'beautiful, fairy maiden, goddess'.
  4. Ellie (name of English origin), which means 'brilliant'.
  5. Eloise (name of French origin), which means 'famous warrior'.
  6. Fanny (name of French origin), abbreviation of Frances, which means 'free'.
  7. Graça (name of Latin origin), which means 'enchantment'.
  8. Sahara (name of Arabic origin), which means 'desert'.
  9. Sparkle (name of American origin), which has the meaning of 'shining in the light'.

male elephant names

  1. Ant (of Greek origin), short for Anthony, which means 'priceless'.
  2. Arthur (of Welsh origin), which is the meaning of 'bear'.
  3. borneo (of Hindi origin), which the meaning of 'land, region'.
  4. Eddie (of English origin), abbreviation of Edward, which the meaning of 'wealth, fortune, prosperous'.
  5. Forest (of French origin), which means 'wood or grove'.
  6. Henry (of German origin), meaning 'house ruler'.
  7. packy (of Irish origin), short for Patrick, meaning 'noble'.

We hope you enjoyed our complete list of the best elephant names.

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