Instagram highlight names

Instagram allows you to create highlights on your profile to group photos of your choice, being able to put covers and names to separate your highlights.

Os Instagram highlights allow users to separate their content into specific categories. And making it easier for followers to find the best content.

The highlight of your Instagram is below your biography, and it plays a very important role, as it attracts a lot of attention from your visitors.

Instagram highlight names

Instagram highlight names
Names for Instagram highlights Source: Sua viera

Instagram highlights are the perfect way to store your different memories organized in photos in a totally awesome way.

To make your highlight even more visually beautiful, you can add custom covers, which can be downloaded for free on the internet.

Below are the best names for Instagram highlights, to make it easier when naming each highlight created on your profile.

1. Family

You can use this name in your Instagram highlights that contain photos with your family. Everyone in your family will enjoy seeing a special section for them on your profile.

You can leave a heart emoji after the name to show even more love for your family, like mom, dad, brother, uncles.

2. Special Memories

You can also use your name to highlight the special moments in your life. Like a family trip, a birthday party, and other special moments in your life to stand out.

3. Places I Love

You can use this name in your Instagram highlight to highlight the places you loved visiting. This name best represents your travels.

Even if they are places in your city, you can highlight photos taken in important places in your city that you loved to visit.

4. My recipes 🧑‍🍳

If you're good in the kitchen, you can highlight your favorite dishes that you've made. To share your cooking skills with your followers.

5 Lifestyle

In this section you can share photos of your day to day life, such as work, leisure and fun. To make your followers more engaged about your day to day.

6. Old Times

In this section You can add photos of past moments that were shared with other people, such as friends and family. You can also use it for old school or work photos.

7. Achievements 🏆

In this highlighted category of your Instagram you can put all your achievements throughout life. Like buying a house, a car, or anything important.

8. Smiles 😂

If you are a person who likes to laugh, you can create a special section on your Instagram to highlight the photos in which you appear smiling. So that your followers can see how beautiful your smile is.

9. Travel ✈️

In your Instagram highlight you can create a special section for photos of your travels. Another idea is to put the name of the country you traveled in, and separate it that way.

10. Summer love 🏖️

In this section of your Instagram highlight you can place your photos in the summer, which can be strong on the beach or at the pool.

11. Blessed 🙏

This name for your Instagram highlight can be used to put your photos, photos at church, or moments of achievements in your life.

12. Unforgettable

In this category you can put photos of unforgettable moments or things in your life. A great way to highlight good times in your life.

13. Happy place

In this category you can put pictures of being in places that make you happy. How can you visit a special person or a special place for you.

14. Pure fun 💃🏾 

Be a person who likes to have a lot of fun, whether with your friends, with your family, or with your boyfriend. You can create a special section to highlight those moments.

15. Hobbies

In this section of your Instagram highlight you can place photos of your favorite hobbies. To let your followers know more about the things you like

16. Living the dream

Here you can highlight moments in which you have lived to fulfill some of your dreams. To highlight important moments in your life.

17. My Projects

In this section you can highlight projects you are working on, be it personal projects or projects from your work.

18. My routine

As the name itself suggests, you can give that name to your Instagram highlight to put your routine, posting photos of what you do on a daily basis.

19. My love

In this category you can put photos of your partner, boyfriend, husband, or someone special to you.

20. BFFs (best friend)

In this category you can put photos with your best friends. They will love to see a special category with only pictures of you.

21. Look of the day

Be a person who has a lot of style, you can create a specific category to put pictures of your looks. To show that you also understand fashion

22. Party time

In this category, you can highlight photos in which they are at a party, whether it's a wedding or even someone's birthday party.

23. At the office

If you are a working person, you can create a special category just to post pictures of your work. If you are already going to college, you can also put it.

24 Selfies

In this section you can post your best selfies. In this category your followers will only find photos of you taking good selfies.

25. Achievements

In this category you can put your moments of success or your moments of glory. A good way to highlight your personal or professional commitment.


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