Names to Discord: 500 Cool and Funny Ideas

Find the best names for discord, the funniest, in English, in your language, for boys, for girls, for big or small groups.

Discord is the best game chat app where we can create a server and give it a name so we can add other users and facilitate our interactions.

The Servers name is a very important component, as it will represent your profile name to people, so you must be picky when choosing.

Names to disagree

We did a search across the internet, and separated the best names for your discord server, so you have the best options.

We hope that after reaching our list, you can find and inspiration to choose the best name to give your server, no matter what the theme is.

Check out our most complete list, containing a ton of names to name your chat server in your chat profile. discord.

  1. Venom
  2. Lucifer
  3. troll guy
  4. Unknown
  5. sociopath
  6. Psychopath
  7. Survivor
  8. Thanos
  9. Tony Stark
  10. Storm
  11. Shark
  12. Killer
  13. Leo
  14. TheDoctor
  15. No one
  16. Anonymous
  17. Fall out
  18. Ghost
  19. Unknown
  20. Venom
  21. Extreme Chat
  22. Crunchy Group
  23. Grinding Minds
  24. youth world
  25. Instant Masti
  26. Chevrolet lovers
  27. The Sleepers
  28. Hedge Bros.
  29. versatile hacks
  30. Mysterious Group
  31. under the belt
  32. chicks only
  33. Lost World
  34. royal heroes
  35. your last hope
  36. Exclusive Discord Server
  37. The end of the world
  38. cool discord
  39. Super Discord
  40. pure grenade
  41. Kong women
  42. coolest users
  43. super moon
  44. New to Discord
  45. very lucky
  46. better than others
  47. Emerging Group
  48. smart thoughts

Name to put on discord

If you want to add some humor to your Discord Name, we've put together some fun and funny names to give your discord chat profile.

  1. naughty girls
  2. lonely and happy
  3. Dragon Eyes
  4. Kim's lovers
  5. Hoble Lala
  6. Masters Only
  7. Stone Hearts
  8. The Class Fellows
  9. Zoo of Humans
  10. Humble annoyed
  11. A Normal Group
  12. gangs here
  13. sarcastic shopper
  14. Royal Randoms
  15. Coolest Guys at Discord
  16. Royal FunZone
  17. Super Duper Fun
  18. best of charlie
  19. National Fun Day
  20. world fun
  21. another fun scene
  22. being a funny group
  23. my funny world
  24. Creative ideas

Best names for female Discord

Without leaving aside our dear readers, we leave an exclusive section, containing the best names for female servers. We hope you like our list.

  1. Queens of Krona
  2. My Queens
  3. Very hot here
  4. The Strepsils
  5. Just a little chat
  6. happier girls
  7. babies who cheat
  8. Ground Breakers
  9. cuties here
  10. sexy girls here
  11. angels of the world
  12. royal princess
  13. Daring Cuties
  14. dangerous women
  15. queens of hearts
  16. Nagasaki girls
  17. fantastic 90
  18. Bad Girls Group
  19. Clever Girls Only
  20. Skyliners
  21. Quest Of Doors
  22. green homies
  23. fear dealer
  24. Emaar Fashion Group
  25. King's Fashion Hub
  26. Enlisted Jokers
  27. my fashion machine
  28. Zero Figure Girls
  29. Denmark Fashion Club
  30. Last minute tips


This list contains the best names to put on your discord. So much for a female, male or varied discord. We list them all.

We've reached the end of our list, and we hope you enjoyed the names listed in this article. If you have any ideas, you can add them in our comments.

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