funk dance group names

Funk is one of the most popular dances in Brazil, with millions of fans across the country, this dance mostly affects young people.

Her sensual and agitated dance leads several young people to unfold their bodies, in most cases moving their buttocks along with their waists.

Get inspired with our list of 20+ names of funk dance groups, being able to customize it to your liking.

funk dance group names

Dancing is good for the soul and stirs the heart, which is why dancing is one of the greatest arts in the world, and the one that most attracts people's attention.

But dancing alone might not be much fun, so putting together a funk dance group might be one of the best ideas.

A dance group needs a name that represents the group, so we have prepared a list of the best names for funk dance groups;

  1. Royal Funk
  2. real funk
  3. funk goddesses
  4. queens of funk
  5. Hot Funk (Hot Funk)
  6. TikFunkTok
  7. feel the funk
  8. Funkers
  9. dance funk
  10. Only Funk (Only Funk)
  11. 100 Degrees Funk
  12. Pearls of Funk
  13. funk divos
  14. kikadinha
  15. boom boom funk
  16. little square
  17. funk tram
  18. miss funk
  19. Funk + (name of your city)
  20. freaked out
  21. the appetizing
  22. pro funk
  23. news from funk
  24. funk club
  25. shake your tail
  26. sit in the funk
  27. delirious in funk
  28. naughty girls
  29. wicked
  30. Malvadas do funk
  31. Wandinhas
  32. kikadinha
  33. Wrap
  34. Involve Funk
  35. tiktok funk

This musical genre is best known for being played by MC's, such as the most popular ones, Mc Kevinho, Mc Pequeno, among other artists of this genre.


But not only men who tell funk, women also have a great highlight in these songs, with Anitta, Luinza Sonza, Pablo Vittar, Jojo Todiinho, Ludmilla, among other singers.

We hope you enjoyed our dance group name list, and good luck choosing your group name.

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