Blocked number receives SMS

There are several generations by which you can block a number from sending you an SMS. But it may happen that you want to send a message to a blocked number.

when blocking a person's number, the cell phone will take care of intercepting all messages and calls from that number so that they do not reach your cell phone.

But what happens if you send the message to the blocked number? Find out the answer to this and other questions in our comprehensive guide.

Blocked number receives SMS

When blocking a number, the person will not know that it was blocked, he will just not receive the delivery report. Because the sms is sent and it just isn't delivered.

Yes, the blocked number receives SMS. Because if you block a phone number and send an SMS message to that number, the message will be delivered to the blocked person.

This is because when a number is blocked, the cell phone normally blocks incoming calls and incoming messages from that number, excluding those messages you send.

But there are some situations in which the blocked number receives SMS, and this will depend on the operator that the person is using and the system.

  • Some operators do not allow sent SMS to be delivered to blocked numbers.
  • Depending on your cell phone's operating system and the blocked person's cell phone. It may be that the system allows your message to be sent and delivered or the other way around.

But despite this, most often the number receives the message that is sent by you. And you don't receive the messages sent by the person either.

We hope you were satisfied with our answer, but if you still have doubts, you can continue reading our conclusion to solve all your doubts.

Blocked number receive call

Yes, the blocked number will receive your calls in most situations. You just won't be able to return calls because the call won't be completed.

The purpose of blocking is to prevent the person from bothering you. So your messages and calls will only not enter the person's cell phone if they also block you.


To be absolutely sure, you can do a little test by blocking a friend's number. And trying to send him a message.

This way you can see firsthand what will happen and whether the message will be delivered or not to clear all your doubts once and for all.

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