What happens spiritually when two people make love

The sexual act goes far beyond physical contact, know what happens spiritually when two people make love.

This question may be of many people, as it is common to hear that sexual contact goes far beyond the flesh and that there is a spiritual connection.

It is extremely important to know the meaning of this act to better position yourself in situations of sexual involvement. Because it can be dangerous in many situations.

What happens spiritually when two people make love

When two people make love, their bodies unite in the real world and their souls connect in the spirit world. Creating a momentary connection or what could be permanent.

The momentary connection is one in which there is simply an exchange of pleasure between the bodies and nothing else. Being that the perm triggers a connection that goes beyond simple sex.

When making love with a person you will connect your soul with that person by passing all your energy, whether it is negative or good to that person.

However, only the person who has the weakest soul will receive the other person's bad energies or if both are weak, there will be a sharing.

And the person will do the same, sharing their energy with you. A person's energy refers to their spirits, luck, curses and misfortunes.

1. The sharing of spirits takes place

That is, if you get involved with a person and make love to him, and he has evil spirits, he can pass these spirits on to you in a spiritual way.

Some people carry spirits in their soul, which may be family heirlooms or their own spirits.

This sharing will only happen if any of the people involved in the act have some spirit. And in case one of those people has a weak soul.

2. Bad luck exchange happens

The same goes for luck going to one's curses or bad luck. This includes your own curses that you can forward to the person.

When making love with a person, it is possible that that person passes you and curses or luck. Since the opposite can also happen, of being you to pass it on to the person.

That's why it is said that we should be careful when we get sexually involved with people, because we don't know what they can carry spiritually.

Many people report having problems in their lives after becoming sexually involved with a person.

3. Luck exchange happens

If the people making love have clean souls, what will happen is simply the exchange of good fortune between the two people.

The person you are making love with can bring you luck and at the same time you can bring that person luck if they are pure people.

How to protect yourself from bad energy?

But there is a way to prevent this from happening, although you won't have control over it. If you have a strong soul, bad energies will be prevented from entering.

The best way to protect yourself from bad vibes is to avoid making love with people you have no connection with. That is, casual sex.

Always make love to a person that you have a bond with or that you have already lived with and that there is a feeling of love or passion.


The involvement of souls can be an attack for those who make love with people with negative feelings and energies.

It is not healthy for your spirit to have contact with dark and non-divine energies. We want to assure you that most of these energies should be kept as distant as possible.

Now you know what happens spiritually when two people make love, and what the consequences of that are in the real and spiritual world.

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