What happens if you bury a person's name in the earth

Throughout our life, several myths and beliefs emerge, some true and others not so much. One of these beliefs is linked to the fact of burying a person's name in the earth.

But what does that mean, and what happens when we do? All this will be answered in our article today, which will make you reflect on the subject.

There are customs for which we never get to consider their origin. For example, one of them is the fact of burying a person's name in the earth.

What happens if you bury a person's name in the earth

If we bury the person's name in the earth, nothing simply happens, because it is a myth (something that does not exist or is not true) that people told, which passed from generation to generation.

There is not unless it is in some witchcraft ritual, but under normal conditions simply nothing will happen to the person, nor to the paper.

By doing this, nothing will happen, because it's just a piece of paper with writing on it, and imagine how many are buried out there. This belief is old and has no results.

Other Myths People Tell

In addition to the myth above, there are others that we hear around, since we were wrong children.

  1. Jumping a bonfire seven or nine times will give year-round protection.
  2. If you jump hand in hand with someone, especially your partner, the union between the two will be lasting.
  3. Bathing in the sea is an omen of good luck for the whole year, especially if you enter the water backwards and jump nine waves.
  4. If we throw a flower, a fruit and a coin on our backs in the sea, we will have love, health and money.
  5. Throwing something old or a paper with wishes into the fire will make them come true, according to belief.
  6. Washing your face with dew at dawn or with sea water means keeping yourself better and more beautiful the rest of the year, that's what Andalusia believes in.
  7. If you stay under a fig tree at night, you will learn to play the guitar well.
  8. If you see the fig tree bloom (it only blooms on San Juan's eve) and you manage to hold it in your hands, your happiness is assured.
  9. If you spill ink on a piece of paper and fold it twice and then interpret it on the morning of the 24th, this drawing will tell you about your future in a prophetic way.
  10. If you put two red candles in your room during the San Juan night, you will find your better half.
  11. If you think of someone in particular, write their name and yours on a piece of paper and keep the paper under your pillow with any leftover wax.
  12. If a couple with fertility problems skips seven waves, the woman will get pregnant more easily.
  13. If you have a partner and you want to know if you are going to marry her, put two needles in a bowl of water. If they end up together, yes!

Now you know what it means to bury the person's name in the earth, that is, it means nothing.

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