What to comment on the friend's photo

If you don't know what to comment on a friend's photo, we've prepared a super special list containing only the best phrases to comment on a friend's photo

When we see that a friend of ours has published a photo on any social network like Instagram, Facebook or another network.

We don't know what we can comment on the photo her. But don't worry, we are here to help you with the best phrases.

What to comment on the friend's photo

We've separated all the phrases into categories so you can come up with some ideas of your own or use our own phrase recommendations to comment.

Without a doubt, your friend will love all the phrases that we are going to leave on this list, regardless of her personality.

1. Comment compliments on her

One of the best things you can comment on your friend's photo is leaving her a compliment, whether it's a compliment on her looks or a quality she has.

Usually compliments to them go to her beauty, compliments to her cuteness, compliments to her personality, compliments to her smile.

  1. You are beautiful 😍
  2. Who is this cute baby 😇
  3. Wow, it turned out so beautiful 👌
  4. Million dollar smile! ✨❤️
  5. Lindaaaaaasss 😍😍
  6. What a beautiful look 👰
  7. It turned out amazing 😎
  8. A Billion Dollar Smile 🥰
  9. I Love This Look On You ❤️
  10. You look great 😊
  11. Wonderful As Always 🔥
  12. Your Smile Makes Me Happy 🥰
  13. Cutest girl on the planet 😍
  14. The boys will die for you 😃
  15. You are wonderful
  16. wow you are beautiful
  17. million dollar smile
  18. You are too beautiful 🥰
  19. I love that look on you!
  20. What a heart-melting smile.
  21. I love your eyes.
  22. Too beautiful and stunning.
  23. Honey, you are amazing.
  24. Too cute smile.
  25. You have such a beautiful smile💗
  26. Your smile is just magical
  27. Keep Smiling 😇
  28. How I Love You! 😍

2. Comment compliments on the photo

In addition to making specific compliments to her, you can also comment on something specific related to the photo she posted. Now you know what to comment on your friend's photo.

You can leave compliments on the clothes she wore, comment compliments on her hair, compliments on where the photo was taken, compliments on the quality of the photo.

  1. I love this look on you!
  2. One million dollar photo
  3. In love with your dress
  4. You light up any photo.
  5. I love the way you pose in the photo.
  6. This color suits you. Loved it
  7. Honey, this look is all omg
  8. Perfect location for a nice photo, you're killing it
  9. I love this photo 💘
  10. You Make My Heart ♥️ Smile 🥰
  11. How much is this photo 😘
  12. Amazing Photo 😱

3. Comment something funny

Another thing that your friend will like to see in your comment is a very funny phrase, or comments full of humor.

You can leave a comment remembering a funny situation related or not to the photo. How can also leave an exaggerated comment about her beauty.

  1. You are literally killing us with your beauty.
  2. It is an honor to see such beauty.
  3. One of your best photos.
  4. How can you be so beautiful.
  5. In love with your dress
  6. My heart skipped a beat after seeing this.
  7. An absolute example of perfect beauty❤❤❤
  8. I can't take my eyes off this photo
  9. How much is this photo 😘
  10. Your Eyes Are Like Stars ⭐
  11. This Beauty Has No Limits☝️


It's always good to leave a comment on a friend's photo to show our affection and love for her in the comment.

This helps to fortify your friendship and makes her feel special to you. So capriche in your friend's comments.

We've reached the end of our article and we hope you enjoyed knowing what to comment on your best friend's photo.

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