What men think of lovers

Extramarital relationships are experienced for a long time and many questions arise about it, such as what do men think of mistresses?

This is a question that is generally asked by the wives of these men and which, as far as they are concerned, they do not understand and want to understand what they think of these women.

Like the wives, the viewers also question themselves and that's why we want to clarify this doubt in detail.

What men think of lovers

Men think that the lovers they are a refuge, the solution to his problems that adds all the values ​​that the wife missed at home.

Basically, this thought arises in response to the frustrated expectations of a relationship or marriage that is going wrong. Men see their mistresses as a second wife.

People believe that men think badly of mistresses, but in fact, they turn out to be more breathed by men more than the wives themselves,

The search for a lover is to supply what the wife does not do best and we will detail these reasons that make men look for lovers.

They think lovers pay more attention

Attention is a crucial factor for the well-being of a relationship and being faced with a woman who doesn't show any attention to her partner. It can be a strong stimulus for a lover to exist in this relationship.

As far as men are concerned, they look for that attention from outside women, even if it is fake, but with someone who is there for them whenever they need it.

Not being present in your partner's life can be a very bad idea. That's because most people looking for partners want to have company, someone they can count on and seeing that partner absent causes them frustration.

Men think mistresses treat them better

Women are often the ones who destroy their homes with their own hands, they make a huge effort to have a man by their side and when they succeed, they do what they want with him.

They lack respect, they don't give him the love and affection he is due, they are the last ones to be occupied. And they hurt their feelings, most of the time it's not even intentional, but they don't let the consequences that this brings them escape.

That lovers are better in bed

Sex is the main dish in a union, those women who make no effort to satisfy their husbands sexually always look for excuses and reasons not to have sex.

They don't care about pleasing themselves in bed, doing a little dance, and stimulating their partners, even if it's just once in a while, creating experience and showing dedication.


However, most of these topics are in turn unconsciously committed gaffes that lead men to look for lovers and think they are the best for them.

Well, although sometimes that's really it. Don't be worried, you can reverse the situation and make men not think so highly of their mistresses, for that you need to become a great wife.

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