What Married Men Say to Their Lovers

That the vast majority of married men have lovers we all know. But what do they say to their lovers?

Most things married men say to their mistresses are universal to everyone. men, that is, they always say the same thing.

Today we are going to talk about this subject where we are going to address almost all the points related to this issue about married men.

What Married Men Say to Their Lovers

Although each man has his own words or his own attitudes towards his lover, there are things that almost the vast majority say.

Many married men who have mistresses have the ability to convince their mistresses to remain in that relationship for a long period of time.

And many of them are hoping that one day, they can become the official wife, or that he will. leave the wife for her.

But the truth is that 80% of everything men say to their lovers are lies, with the aim of feeding hopelessness in them.

1. “I can't now, but I'll let her”

All men who have mistresses always tell them that one day they will leave their wives to be with her.

Using the excuse that they can't do it at the moment. Because there are many things at stake, and that he needs to resolve the situation before separating.

Most of the time they say that just to buy time while they find other excuses, while the lover waits for the big day.

2. “My marriage is unhappy”

Almost all married men will never say that they are happy in their marriage to their mistresses, as that would make no sense.

A married man will always try to let go of the idea that he is not happy and that he is cheating on his wife in pursuit of happiness.

3. “I only married her because…”

Married men like to explain why they got married or why they are married.

Being that most of the time they try to tell a story to look like it wasn't by free will, but for some forced reason.

They say this so that the mother will think that there was no love between him and his wife. But that life circumstances forced him to marry.

4. “I no longer sleep with my wife”

This is one of the most popular phrases that married men love to say, so that the mother thinks that he no longer makes love to his wife.

That way she won't feel jealous, because she'll think that while he's at home he won't be with his wife in bed.

5. “I love you”

What Married Men Say to Their Lovers
What Married Men Say to Mistresses Source: Unplash

Married men say “I love you” more to their mistresses than their wives, that's because the wife is already his and doesn't need to be spoiled with it.

Already his mistress, needs to hear those kinds of phrases so that she believes he loves her. And with that feeding even more the hope of one day being together.

6. “I can't leave her because of the kids”

To try to justify the fact that he is still with his wife and not separating to be with the other woman, he will use his children.

The vast majority of married men always tell their mistresses that they cannot separate, as that would be difficult for their children.

7. “I have never done this before”

Married men who commit treason looking for a lover always try to bring an image of correct men.

Even though he's had a ton of lovers. He will always want to give the impression that they only have one mistress, so that she doesn't think she has another one.

8. “I don't just want sex”

Sometimes men need to say this, because the relationship with the lover most of the time happens just for the two of them to make love.

Since this can make the lover uncomfortable and feel used. Hearing that from him will make her feel more comfortable about having sex with him.


We believe that by now you already have an idea of ​​most of the things or the most common things that married men say to their mistresses.

The vast majority of these things are related to the wife, in which they always try to create the idea that the relationship is not so important.

We've reached the end of our article and we hope you enjoyed it and understood what married men say to their mistresses in our guide.

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